A Christmas Wedding

By: Aden Mari

So, I’m getting married…

The thing about marriage is that as Christians we believe that it’s more than just love and romance. For us, marriage is a lot like communion or baptism. There is a real physical thing that takes place, but we believe that there is a deeper and greater symbol to marriage than just two people signing a contract. It’s an image that reflects God and his commitment to his people.

It’s hard to miss this in getting married around the Christmas season. Christmas is all about God saying “I do,” to the world. Up until that first Christmas, God had been telling the world he wanted them. The world of course didn’t listen, and often questioned whether God was actually serious when he said he wanted to be united with them. Christmas though, changed everything. It’s hard to doubt God’s desire to partner with humanity when he literally becomes human. That first Christmas showed that God’s love for us was more than just empty words and promises, but it was action, action that would lead to a covenant that could never be broken.

So, as I sit waiting for my own marriage to begin, I can’t help but reflect on God’s goodness on that first Christmas. The fact that he would choose to partner with us in sickness and in health, for richer or poor, is pretty mind boggling for the God of the entire universe to do. There is nothing we did to earn his love, but he gave it to use anyway.

Now the choice is up to us, God has said he’s all in to covenant his life with ours forever, but are we willing to do the same?

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