Meet Charles Henske

Building Maintenance Manager

Charles moved to Canada right after he married Corinne in 2004. He was living in Redmond, Oregon, Corinne was living in Mission, BC. Charles met Corinne online at Ten days later they married at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria.

Charles got his start in construction working with his Grandfather in 1976. Starting in 1980 Charles became a self employed General Contractor. Charles has 3 grown sons and 3 grandchildren.

Charles has been a part of Church all his life. His Father is an ordained Nazarene Minister. Some of the things Charles was involved in were church board, Sunday school teacher, janitor, remodeling most of the churches he attended, choir and worship leader.

Charles has been attending SBC since 2010. A couple years later he started volunteering in the sound room. July 2018 he joined the staff of SBC as the Building Maintenance Manager. Charles takes care of all the custodial duties, in addition to maintaining and repairing the building, as well as working on new building projects.

Charles’ current hobbies include camping and LED lights. Installing them all over his trucks, RVs, and house. Charles’ biggest passion is music.