An Inside Look at SBC Summer Day Camps

By Grace Bond

This August at SBCKids, summer day camps have been busy. Each week we spend time at the park, swim at the pool, and spend countless amounts of time playing in the gym. The kids love it but it makes us interns very tired at the end of the day. But, regardless of the exhaustion, there is so much excitement and energy that begins when those kids walk through the door every morning.

This summer, we have been learning all about the Fruits of the Spirit and how we can show them to others. Our theme is Making Waves because “what we can do today, can change the world around us.” We’re learning that when we share the Fruits of the Spirit it can make a difference in the lives of others. As a group, we practice understanding and knowing what the Fruits of the Spirit are by singing a song each morning. The kids get super into it as they repeat the actions that go along with the song. There was even one girl who practiced the song at home and was very excited to show us how fast and flawlessly she could do the actions. Everyday we get to see the kids show the Fruits of the Spirit which has been a huge part of creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

We tie in a devotional and pray for each other for the upcoming week and, of course, discuss our favourite moments from day camp.

Our job as interns is to make a safe and fun environment every day. This takes place as we play games and connect with the kids but, during this time, we are also getting the chance to improve our leadership skills. Managing 25-kids daily can be challenging and this summer has provided some roadblocks to help us grow individually as leaders. Even with our difficult days, we can see the Holy Spirit working through us as we take on each new challenge together. On Fridays, we talk about the week and discuss things to improve and what activities went well. Whether that is about teamwork or about the games/crafts we do, the discussion is always positive and insightful. We also tie in a devotional and pray for each other for the upcoming week and, of course, discuss our favourite moments from day camp.

There are always favourite moments during camp, but most of the time, we talk about when a kid made us smile or when a child personally asks us to hold our hand. But some of my own favourite highlights are playing board games and doing a survivor week (that intern Gabe planned) for the kids in grades 4, 5, and 6. The “456” camp was nice as we only had about 14-kids attend, and it was a blast to challenge the other competitors who were also trying to be the last team standing. But, in the end, my very own team, the Purple Plague took the championship and won. I also asked Avelyn, Lily, and Daniel what their favourite moments were during the summer. Avelyn’s favourite part is hanging out with the kids and creating meaningful one on one connections as she helps them make magnet and Lego towers. Moreover, Lily reported that she enjoyed seeing the kids walk in and be so excited to see the leaders. She says that the kids give her an extra boost of energy when it’s nearing the end of a long week. In contrast, Daniel said he likes swimming at the pool. Particularly in the deep end where he can engage with the older kids and watch them jump off the diving board.

All in all, this summer has absolutely flown by. It has been such a joy to serve the community of Summerland by providing day camps, and in the same way sharing the glory of God to others. We have learned so much during our internship and we are so grateful to work for a loving and supportive church family. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers throughout the summer, we can’t believe the internship is almost at its end.

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