The Honest One

By Carolyn Wiebe I’ve written this blog post four times now. This is the fourth draft. I tried the Funny One – you know, start off the year with wit and cheer. And there was the Helpful One – “did you know that if you cut your goals down by 50% they are more realistic […]

The Light, A True Story

From Grandpa’s Journal – 1944 Contributed by: Dustin Heigh One day, during the winter of 1944-45, I took the sheep about two miles from home, down into a coulee where there was less snow. In the afternoon it began to snow and blow but, being down in the coulee, I didn’t realize how bad it […]

Hello June!

By Brin Young Hello! My name is Brin Young, and this is my fourth year of being an intern at Summerland Baptist Church. You might say I’m an expert on the intern program, but it changes and grows every year. I was a summer intern in 2018, 2019, and 2020. This year I am the […]

Meetcha @ the Beach

By Pastor Del Riemer Besides our Adult Ministries ‘Mid-Week-Gathering’ Livestream at 1:30 pm every Wednesday, we heard that people were craving ‘in-person’ connection and partnership. How to address this need during a COVID-19 Global Pandemic when indoor gatherings are not permitted? As of March 2021, Bonney Henry, our Provincial Health Officer, added a ‘Variance’ to […]

Moving Forward in 2021 – Mercy Tech Update

By Rick Cogbill Not too long ago I ran into an acquaintance outside the local Tim Hortons, and he asked me (somewhat facetiously…I think), “So what’s happening with your mission? Is it down the tubes because of Covid-19? Like, is it all washed up now that you can’t travel?” I declined to buy him a […]

The 12 Anchors

from Pastor Lee Here is the list I promised during the sermon last Sunday. This list is not comprehensive nor does it contain every truth that could be an anchor for you. It is just a start. As you read in Scripture, what are some of the things that you read to be true, noble, […]