Meetcha @ the Beach

By Pastor Del Riemer Besides our Adult Ministries ‘Mid-Week-Gathering’ Livestream at 1:30 pm every Wednesday, we heard that people were craving ‘in-person’ connection and partnership. How to address this need during a COVID-19 Global Pandemic when indoor gatherings are not permitted? As of March 2021, Bonney Henry, our Provincial Health Officer, added a ‘Variance’ to […]

Moving Forward in 2021 – Mercy Tech Update

By Rick Cogbill Not too long ago I ran into an acquaintance outside the local Tim Hortons, and he asked me (somewhat facetiously…I think), “So what’s happening with your mission? Is it down the tubes because of Covid-19? Like, is it all washed up now that you can’t travel?” I declined to buy him a […]

The 12 Anchors

from Pastor Lee Here is the list I promised during the sermon last Sunday. This list is not comprehensive nor does it contain every truth that could be an anchor for you. It is just a start. As you read in Scripture, what are some of the things that you read to be true, noble, […]

Helping Your Child With Anxiety

By Bree Young ** This article originally appeared in the Fall 2020 CBWC magazine “Connections”.  COVID-19 has proven to be a significant disrupter in the lives of SBC’s youngest members. School, church, youth group and other socializing activities all look very different. No one likes to watch their kids struggle, but it is comforting to […]

An Interview with Del Riemer

Magpies, Motorcycles, & Muckluks – Curious Tales of Adventure and Grace On June 10, 2020 I sat down (physically distanced, of course) with Del Riemer to ask him about his new book, “Magpies, Motorcycles, & Muckluks – Curious Tales of Adventure & Grace”. The following is the result of our discussion. Luke: Hi Del, thank you […]

Making the Most of Right Now

I have to admit that so far, social distancing has not been that difficult for me. It should be. As an extreme extrovert with energy to burn, I have never sat well. I am energized playing golf or hockey with friends or gathering together in groups for a party or for church. I dislike playing music alone, […]