A Christmas Wedding

By: Aden Mari So, I’m getting married… The thing about marriage is that as Christians we believe that it’s more than just love and romance. For us, marriage is a lot like communion or baptism. There is a real physical thing that takes place, but we believe that there is a deeper and greater symbol […]

Investing Fear

By Dustin Heigh Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10 I remember hiding behind my mom’s leg when I was a kid. I wasn’t in school yet and found most social encounters terrifying. The safest place for me was behind my mom’s leg, no dangers could overtake me behind this unbreakable […]

Introducing the Heighs

By Dustin Heigh Hi, everybody. I am Dustin and I am going to be your new Youth Pastor! Our family is so excited about that. We can’t wait! Some of you know us and some don’t. But even if you do know us it’s been 11 years since we lived in Summerland. So, maybe you […]

Learning Your Smart Phone

By Lee Young The word smartphone can see like an oxymoron at times. If you are unable to use it or understand how it works, it can make you feel silly and not very smart. It was a privilege to teach a group of 28 adults how to understand and use their smartphones. To tackle this difficult […]