Hello June!

By Brin Young

Hello! My name is Brin Young, and this is my fourth year of being an intern at Summerland Baptist Church. You might say I’m an expert on the intern program, but it changes and grows every year. I was a summer intern in 2018, 2019, and 2020. This year I am the Children and Families intern for spring and summer! My best friend Katie Van Bergeyk is the senior Youth intern. We started at the beginning of May. Five summer interns will be starting in July. I’ve already designed t-shirts for the team! Katie and I have been using our hours at the church brainstorming intern team building, prepping summer programs, and attending spring programs. We have such a great team mentoring and working with us at the church and I can’t wait to see what the summer brings. One of the great things about working at the church is that they want us to be mentored and grow in our personal faith. We’ve been given time in our work week to study the Bible through Classroom lessons. Classroom provides free online seminary level courses put together by the Bible Project. Katie and I are working through the class on Ephesians. I love the format of the class and I’ve already learned a lot. It’s great to have the opportunity to learn more about God’s word.

In our first week my major project was the SBCkids family kits which Katie and I then delivered. It was so fun to see all the families we haven’t been able to see in person. It’s always an adventure to drive all over Summerland and deliver these packages to our families. It feels like so long since we’ve had SBCkids and some elementary kids have become middle schoolers, while some preschoolers have moved up to elementary. I wish we had been able to celebrate all those exciting transitions in person, but I’m thankful for all that we have been able to do this year. A lot of what SBC is doing right now is online content. Katie and I have jumped right into the Sunday at Home videos for the kids. We know it’s important for connection to have SBC faces in the videos provided by our curriculum, so this year Pastor Bree has learned how to film and edit. Katie has been filming the intro and outro for SBC kids, talking about commitment. I’ve been telling the bible story for the preschool videos and talking about how God’s way is perfect. If you’ve ever seen the preschool videos with Ollie the owl, you’ll know what I mean by the “preschool voice.” Think Dora. Katie and I have some great laughs over that voice. We’ve been learning a lot about filming and lighting. We get to take turns filming, directing, and acting. It’s actually super fun! I don’t think acting is for me, but Katie is practically cut out for it.

For Mother’s Day, Katie and I helped run a drive through photoshoot for families. Carolyn Wiebe designed a beautiful background for the photos and Dustin and Christy Heigh supplied the camera equipment. Katie loves photography, so she took over taking the pictures while I checked people in and ran for coffee. The pictures all look amazing and have been emailed out! It was great to see some SBC families and meet some families from our community. Katie is also our photographer for Get Out youth program, so you’ll see a lot of pictures of the kids and other leaders, but Katie’s behind the camera.

The Get Out programs are also super fun. It’s great to get outside, especially as the weather gets warmer. On Tuesday’s we go mountain biking or hiking. The first week we joined them, it wasn’t until we’d already arrived at the trail that I remembered that I’ve never mountain biked before. Some of the middle schoolers who biked with us had no fear on the trails and went as fast as they could. I pretty much hiked the whole way, but I still had loads of fun hanging out with the crew at the back of the trail. Katie has more experience than I do when it comes to mountain biking, so she encouraged me as we went. Our hikes so far have been awesome! We’ve hiked and biked all over Summerland. On Wednesday’s we hang out at the beach. We’ve had a great turn out so far and some kids have been swimming in the lake, even though it’s still super cold. We’ve been playing lots of frisbee, eating hotdogs, and exploring. The first few weeks at the beach were cold and windy, but it looks like there’s lots of sunny beach days ahead!

I’ve also been helping plan and run the grade 4 and 5 Bible studies. We’ve hiked Giants Head, played team building games, and more. It’s great to hang out with these SBC kids. For the grade 5’s, this is the last SBC kids program they’ll attend, and then it’s off to youth! It’s such a blessing to get outside and hang out with these kids in person.

Keep an eye on the Summerland Baptist Church website for updates and information about summer programming. Big things are in the works for SBC kids and youth! We’re working on the details. Watch for Katie and me in the SBCkids Sunday at Home videos.

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