#SBCKids Sunday at Home

During this time period when we are unable to meet in person at SBCKids we will be sending out Weekly resources for you and your kids to participate in. The below resources are a temporary replacement for SBCKids Preschool, SBCKids Elementary and AREA45.

The following are step by step instructions for SBCKids Family weekly resources:

1. Watch this Video

First Look – SBCKids preschool (Ages 2-5)

252 Kids – SBCKids Elementary (Grades K-3)

Preteen Experience – AREA45 (Grade 4-5)

2. Choose from these activities (First one is Preschool, Second one is elementary, Third is for preteens.) If you have kids in more than one grade, choose the elementary one.

#SBCKids Preschool (ages 2 to 5)

#SBCKids Elementary (grades K to 3)

#SBCKids Preteen (grades 4 & 5)

3. Elementary God Time Cards devotionals for Elementary kids.

Devotional God Time Cards are created for your child to do on their own for their personal time with God. They are connected to the theme and Bible Story taught in the Bible story video.

Click on the button below to download the corresponding PDF.

If you are looking for more family devotional options:

Check out the Parent Cue App, https://theparentcue.org/app/

Or discover RightNow Media, https://summerlandbaptist.ca/resources/rightnow-media