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Minecraft has been a great opportunity for us to connect and hang out with youth! It has been a blast. We’re scheduled to meet every Thursday night from 7–9pm. We have a custom server we’ve created filled with lots of games and worlds to explore, there’s hidden treasure, and new things added regularly. For details on how to connect to our server and our gaming voice chat please email Pastor Dustin:

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We had such a great time together over Spring Break that we’re wanting to continue what we started. Due to COVID we’re avoiding meeting together indoors and focusing on connecting together outside. Each week we’re going to be getting out to adventure and relax together. We’ll take some time as we’re outside to sit and have some intentional conversations about how we connect with God, what relationship with him means, and what worship is.

Each week from April 20th to June 16th we’ll be meeting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays we’ll be hiking and biking the beautiful trails around Summerland. Wednesdays we’ll be relaxing at Powell Beach around the campfire, playing frisbee, throwing the football. Each Friday we’ll send an email with all the details you’ll need for the upcoming week along with the registration links.

During this time we will not be running our usual Zoom calls but we will continue our online gaming nights. At the end of April our Monday night Minecraft time will change to Fortnite. Our Tuesday night Minecraft will continue. Each week we add more content to our Minecraft server and it continues to have more and more ways to play together.

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This team is excited to encourage and equip our middle school and high school students to grow and reach their full potential in Christ.

(Please note that you must have been attending SBC for at least 6 months and be willing to undergo a criminal record check in order to work directly with youth.)

If you would like to volunteer in this ministry, or if you would like more information about ways you can serve in this area, please fill out this simple, online contact form and we will be in contact with you to discuss your involvement.

If you would like to volunteer, or if you would like more information about ways you can serve on this team, please email