Pastor Bree’s Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

By: Pastor Bree Young

I have made a top ten list to help families with their Christmas shopping this year…

  1. Adventures in Odyssey. This is my number one pick. My kids LOVED Odyssey! And they still do. An award-winning audio drama series created for ages 8-12 and enjoyed by the whole family. Each story lasts an average of 25 minutes and brings biblical principles to life, through fun, faith, and imagination. You can buy the CD’s or get the app and listen on your phone. LEARN MORE HERE
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia – Books, movies and my kids favourite: The Radio Theater Version. We love everything about Narnia at our house! BUY HERE
  3. Magformers – Magnetic toys for kids (a hit with my kids when they were younger and a hit at our Playschool, Day Camp, and SBCKids). BUY HERE
  4. The Jesus Storybook Bible – for early readers AND for parents to read to all ages. BUY HERE
  5. The Action Storybook Bible is the most kid read Bible in our house. (ages 8-12) But my older boys still read it. BUY HERE
  6. Hiss Board Game – Easy and fun. We still have this game at our house. My kids are too old for it now but they loved it when they were young (ages 4 and up). BUY HERE
  7. Monza Board Game. My kids loved this race car game (ages 5 and up). BUY HERE
  8. Subscription to JR Clubhouse (ages 3 +), Club house (age 8 +), Brio (preteen girls +). BUY HERE
  9. Perler Beads (ages 5+). These are the biggest hit at our Day Camps for age (K-5). BUY HERE
  10. Throw Throw Burrito Board Game – Amazon says teen, but we play this with Elementary age kids. BUY HERE

Have a very Merry Christmas! — Pastor Bree.

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