Slot Car Race Day

By Del Riemer

In I Samuel 2:8, it says that: “He lifts the needy from their ash heap and seats them with princes.”   Now just to clarify to those of you who have always thought that the ‘Ash Heap’ referred to here was an old wreck of a vehicle, let me assure you that is was actually referring to a ‘hopeless’ situation, not a 1978 AMC Pacer!

On Saturday January 18th, 6 dads and 8 kids travelled to West Kelowna to participate in a hyped up ‘Slot Car Race Day’ as part of SBC’s Practical Skills Workshops.  When the group entered the basement of our friends Michael and Jessica Batt, they were greeted with a sprawling Slot Car Race Track, stock car sound effects, typical track food, checkered flags and some 12 classic race cars to choose from.   After a few practice rounds, each person got a chance to race against one opponent to establish their personal ‘track time’, and then race head to head in several heat races, feature races and team relay races.  Everyone participated in each race as either a driver, flag person, timer or pit crew member (who would pick up the cars that flew off the track and place them back into the track slot!).  Kids raced against kids, Dads raced against dads, and then against the kids… with much squealing (of voices and tires), cheering and hooting!  What a great time of fun and bonding!

Track food of nachos, smokies, candy floss and pizza were served by our hosts, and at the end of the afternoon, the Grand Champion was crowned (Congratulations Brinley Brown!), and all the kids received trophies.

Simply organized fun activities bring people together and help to develop ‘community’ and relationship.  I love to think of Jesus and his disciples fishing together, and then sitting around a fire on the beach broiling some of their catch as the sun went down.  Laughter, fun, encouragement, comradery and shared activities provides the foundation for relationship, comfort and connection between people.  I think we could all use a bit more of these creative times within our church family and also with those beyond our walls.   Practical Skills Workshops do exactly that, hence I encourage you all to register for one or more of our workshops, have some fun and make meaningful connections with old friends and perhaps cultivate some new ones!

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