The Impact of the Spa Night

By Carolyn Wiebe

In January, 2018, Bree and I sat down with Kathy Tait, a local foster mom and our new liaison with the foster community, and chatted about the local foster community.

We wanted to know how we could support this community and if there were specific ways we could provide for the children and the parents individually. The children’s needs were discussed first and from that conversation, Project Backpack was born.

We then asked, “what is the best way we can support you foster moms in our valley.” Kathy joked that she and the other moms dream of a day at the spa and a foot rub.

We laughed along initially but then thought, “well, why not?”

So we did.

This January we hosted our third Spa night for single and foster moms. The entire premise of this evening is to offer a chance to relax and be pampered to these moms who are always taking care of others.

The youth room was cleared of all youth touches and transformed into a spa with pillows, and fresh flowers, and candles. Our community got on board by donating flowers, food, and services.

The women began arriving at 6:30, hesitant at first. By the time they were seated with their feet in warm water and hands full of food and drinks, they were visibly unwinding and conversation began going around the room.

The evening consisted of a foot spa, some light entertainment, several rounds of food, a quiet relaxation room with soft couches and warm blankets, and complimentary eyebrow shaping. By the time the evening was over and we sent them all home with a frozen meal, banana loaf, and chocolate, there were tears and hugs all around.

The volunteers who showed up to help were incredibly kind, hard working, and I think may have enjoyed the evening as much as the attendees.

It was a joy to give back to these selfless women who give so much every day.

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