The Spotify Effect

By Laceydawn Loeppky

I have always loved worshipping through song, and now as an adult, my kids also love worship music. I am sitting here in their bedroom while they have a dance party right now, and what are we listening to? The SBC “Songs We Sing” playlist on Spotify, it’s what we always listen to.

I know that you can find any song you want on YouTube these days, you can even watch catchy videos that have lyrics, but I LOVE having a playlist where my kids are consistently hearing songs that they are also going to hear at church. The look on their faces when a song comes on at church that they know, it’s beautiful. If you ever sit near us in church you will know right away when Avaya (age 6) knows a song, you will hear her loud and proud. And Brailee (age 4) only I will ever hear, as she softly whispers the words close to my ear so no one else could possibly hear her.

Then there are those moments at home, when words of worship songs spill off their lips as they are playing. So often I have heard my girls playing and softly singing, “you are good, good oooooh”, or “my fear doesn’t stand a chance, when I stand in Your love”-  it makes my heart beam. I know the words of these songs are shaping my children, because they shape me. They wash over me and speak to my heart.

There is a certain tone that is set in our house when we pause the chaos and put on “Jesus music” as we call it.

It is known in our house that it is impossible to make dinner until we put it on, for moms sake clearly, because to be honest, by dinner time I really need it. Somehow the music changes the mood, usually, and we come together with the words of worship pouring over us.

I am so thankful that the church sees how important this is, and makes it so accessible for us. I used to bug the worship leaders every week for their set list so the kids could learn the songs we would be singing… but now we just listen to the “Songs We Sing” playlist on repeat. It’s amazing!

If you haven’t checked out the SBC playlists yet, be sure to, it’s like bringing the SBC worship service into your home.

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