Time to Jingle Jam

By Brin Young

This post was reproduced with permission from Brin Young’s personal blog, By Brindlebee. You’ll find additional photos at the end of the post taken by Grace Bond and Makenna Kunka. Thanks Brin, Grace and Makenna!

Have you ever been to Jingle Jam? This year was Summerland Baptist Church’s third year hosting Jingle Jam. It’s a Christmas party big enough for the whole family! There’s interactive games, prizes, lessons, jokes, food, and so much Christmas cheer! Jingle Jam 2019 brought many fun surprises. My favourite part of Jingle Jam this year was that Grover was part of the show! Super Grover has joined SBC for several events over the years. He often shows up at Camp SBC! Grover and Stefan taught us about joy this year, and how you can have joy all year round. If you’ve never experienced Jingle Jam, I highly suggest you check it out in the years to come. For now, I’ll give you a taste of Jingle Jam 2019!

Jingle Jam starts with a game of course! It’s all about having fun together. Pastor Lee and Everett (my dad and brother) lead the game in full Canadian hockey men style. With Tim’s coffees piping hot and with some dropping of the gloves, they challenged three beauty moms to unwrap gifts with hockey gloves on. The winner gets a prize! The one minute countdown begins when the game is over, counting down to the official beginning of Jingle Jam. When the clock hits 10, you can hear all the kids counting down! The foyer doors then fly open and a bunch of energetic kids in bright yellow shirts and Christmas gear race to the stage. The REFIT kids are here to start the party!

These kids bring all the energy needed. For over a month leading up to Jingle Jam, the REFIT kids and I practice our song. Some of the kids have been doing kids REFIT for years already and have done this song and dance for Jingle Jam twice already so they’re my experts!

After the REFIT kids exit, our Jingle Jam host Stefan takes the stage. He introduces joy: finding a way to be happy, even when things don’t go your way. But wait, what’s this? A package for Stefan? It doesn’t say who it’s from. The Canadian hockey guys drop off the package with a “Merry Christmas, eh?” The package is shaking. What’s in the box? It’s Grover, here to bring joy!

Unfortunately, Grover is stuck in the box and has no way to do any of the festive surprises he’d planned. Looks like Grover needs to find a way to be happy, even though it didn’t go his way! (See what we did there?) The solution: another game! Now our teams need to work together to scoop the packing peanuts or “snow” out of Grovers box so he can get out. But watch out, those wintery winds (generated by the lovely stage hands) are blowing the snow all over the place! What a fun and creative way to find joy in your situation, Grover.

The show continues on with more games, stories, commercials (really Grover?), and fun. At the end of the show, we learn about the greatest reason we can have joy: Jesus! We hear the Christmas story found in the Bible in Luke and are asked: how can we have joy all year round? Personally, I love Jingle Jam every year. The show is always so hilarious, fun, and a great time to remember why we celebrate Christmas. Though we do have a lot of fun at Jingle Jam and there are lots of silly games and jokes, it’s all entered around Jesus and what He has to teach us.

But wait! There’s more! (Now I sound like Grover and his commercial…) You can’t forget about the in-between party! This year we had two shows at 3pm and 6pm. In-between the shows, there’s the most awesome Christmas party EVER! Let’s check it out. All over the church, activities and food are available for everyone. The gym has a Christmas carnival set up, Santa is available for pictures on the second floor, and there are Christmas treats galore! Wandering around this year: Mr. Christmas (also known as Izzy, another one of my brothers) with Jingle Jam bingo for anyone who wants a challenge. Also wandering around the building is a few very familiar Christmas characters: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, the Grinch, and Buddy the Elf! Male sure to get a selfie with Anna, tell Elsa what your favourite frozen treat is, ask Kristoff how old Sven is, ask the Grinch what his favourite movie is (he’ll just point at himself), and high-five Buddy the Elf. If he’s not to busy in a snowball fight that is! Don’t forget to come visit me and the other volunteers and try out the carnival games. There are crafts and a beautiful mini Christmas village in the youth room if you’re interested!

Well, now you know what Jingle Jam looks like. It truly is a Christmas party big enough for the whole family! I hope you’ll check out Jingle Jam next Christmas season. I look forward to Jingle Jam every year! This event is for the whole community of Summerland and surrounding area. We welcome anyone who wants to join us! Jingle Jam is for all generations to experience together. I promise, it won’t be boring! I believe Jingle Jam is a wonderful place for everyone to get together and celebrate. I hope that Jingle Jam will continue to grow and bring joy to the community in the years ahead! It takes a lot to put on an event like this and it turns out so well every year. Thank you so much to all the people who helped make Jingle Jam 2019 so fantastic! There are so many events and programs here at Summerland Baptist Church. I’m so proud to call this church my home away from home. I will miss this place so much next year while I’m adventuring in England. Thank you God for my church and for Jingle Jam!

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