Valentine’s Day 2020

By the C&F Team

Valentine’s Day is about showing love to others, making it the perfect opportunity for your family to show love to one another and others. Here are some ideas to get you started! We also have Valentine’s Day cards at the SBC Kids check-in that you can take home and fill in for your kids.

LIGHT UP FAMILY DINNER. Have a special Valentine-themed family dinner. Put a fancy tablecloth (or even a brightly colored sheet) on the table. Make (or order) your family’s favorite meal and plate it on your fanciest dishes. And most importantly, place a few lit candes (real or battery-powered) as a centrepiece.

START A LOVE CHAIN. Call a friend or family member and have each person tell them why you love them. Then ask the person to continue the chain by calling someone and doing the same.

MAKE A PLAYLIST. In the days leading up to Valentine’s, challenge your family to come up with the most epic love song playlist ever (no sad songs allowed!). If yor kid is too young to compile a list on their own, play a few songs from their favorite movies and shows and help them choose their favorites. Then, blast your family’s lists in the car or an at home on the special day.

DECORATE WITH PAPER HEARTS. At the beginning of the month, cut 20-30 paper hearts from pick, red, and white construction paper. Encourage each member of your family to write down reasons you ove each other (You are fun to play with, You give great hugs, You make me laugh, etc.) on the hearts. Then, tape the heart to that person’s bedroom door.

CHOOSE A SECRET VALENTINE. Have each person draw a secret Valentine from a hat or bowl filled with your family’s names (feel free to include family or friends who don’t live under your roof). Then, come up with special ways to serve and surprise your secret Valentine during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day!

FOR OLDER KIDS. Valentine’s Day is a great time to write a letter to your teenage son or daughter and share what you admire about them. Be specific about good character traits and ways they make you proud. Leave it in their room with their favorite candy or treat as a surprise.

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