Meet Carolyn Wiebe

Children & Families Assistant

Carolyn moved to Summerland in 2006 and joined SBC as a summer intern in 2008. She worked with the preschoolers in the SBC Playschool before taking some time at home to begin her own family and then rejoined the staff team as an assistant on the Children and Families team.

She has a passion for young children and finds their developing hearts and minds both fascinating and hilarious. She enjoys journeying with families as they face the ups and downs of family life and enjoys learning about child development, mental health, and spiritual growth.

Carolyn was born and raised in Montana and has lived in Canada since marrying her Canadian-born husband Justin. They have 4 children, Evanie, Marlowe, Rogan, and LillyAnna and as a family, they enjoy the beaches, hikes, and community the Okanagan offers.