Tianna Riemer

Youth Assistant

After graduating from High School in 2001, I moved with my family from Kelowna to Summerland. My dad, Gary Swabey had become the Senior Pastor here at SBC and led us until 2006. Growing up a pastor’s kid gives you a unique window into the goings on at a church and there are times I swore I would never consider working at one! Turns out it also fueled a deep passion to serve the church and help it blossom into the ‘hope’ it is meant to be for the world.

I love people, learning, food, reading, laughter, softball, Jesus and showing His grace to everyone. I especially have a love for youth and enjoy spending time with them, mentoring them, taking them places and just being there for them. It is such a pleasure working under our Youth Pastor, Lee, and I look forward to reaching kids and introducing them to life with Jesus for years to come!

I also have a love of organization and helping people feel ‘plugged in’ which is why on Sunday mornings you can find me at The Hub, a booth in our church foyer for communication, information and registration. 

Although I spend a lot of time with all of the above, my life really revolves around the five individuals I get to live with. In 2004 I married Luke, who happens to be the Associate Pastor’s son. This may or may not have been slightly arranged for us but we are so thankful to have each other that we really don’t care how it began! We have three daughters and a son, born every other year from 2006-2012. Life - what a ride!


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Sunday Services: 9:00 & 11:00 am

"Following Jesus Together: Reaching, Deepening, Restoring."