Core Values

1. Salvation
We believe that salvation through Jesus is the only hope for the healing of our relationship with God, each other, ourselves and creation.

2. Prayer
Prayer is foundational to our personal relationship with God and for seeking God’s purpose and direction for the Church.

3. Worship
It is our intention to cultivate lives of worship. Worship within the context of SBC takes place through individual surrender to God’s Holy Spirit in times of service, study, music, relationship and giving.

4. Spiritual Gifts
We seek to recognize and encourage the use of individual spiritual gifts and the active involvement of all believers in every aspect of Church and community life.

5. Discipleship
In the context of personal pursuit and intentional living, discipleship mentoring is prioritized for the spiritual development and training of all believers resulting in service in their areas of giftedness.

6. People
It is our intention to cultivate a friendly, caring environment that is welcoming to newcomers and addresses the needs of families and people of all ages.

7. Service
We desire to address the needs of people in Summerland and throughout the world as an expression of the love of Jesus while sharing the gospel message of forgiveness and redemption.

8. Small Groups
We value the development and nurturing of small groups as a place where spiritual growth can happen in a context of caring relationships in which people actively participate in encouraging, challenging, praying, serving and learning together.

Sunday Services: 9:00 & 11:00 am

"Following Jesus Together: Reaching, Deepening, Restoring."