Youth Pumpkin Olympics

By Pastor Lee Young

After doing hundreds of events over my time as “the youth guy”, I know that not every event we do will be the GREATEST EVENT ever.

newbie 1  newbie 2
  (me as a newbie)


In my newbie years this used to concern me. I was convinced that the next event needed to be bigger and better than the last. I learned this philosophy at Bible College. The idea was an ever escalating rise in fun factor was the key to successful youth ministry. I learned how to create the big event and how to draw students into your youth ministry using these big events. This was key, if you did this well you would be a successful Youth guy. The challenge is that no one can maintain bigger and better. When the events start being less epic than your expectations the temptation is to do one of two things: 1. quit doing events or 2. go crazy trying to meet unrealistic expectations. Understanding why we do certain events is the key in maintaining a healthy standard of expectations.

The Pumpkin Olympics event is a perfect example of how we roll. This event is the brain child of Craig. There are four main activities during the night:

1. Pumpkin Carving
2. Candy bobbing in pumpkin guts
3. Mystery Buckets
4. The Trebuchet – aka. Pumpkin Thrower

The purpose for this event is to have a safe and fun event that our regular attendees can bring a friend to. It’s not a Halloween alternative or celebration event because it is almost never on Halloween. It isn’t evangelistic because we do not share the Gospel at this event. This party is all about Fun! We want the youth smiling and laughing, hyped up on sugar and excited to share what they did that night with everyone who will listen.

The second purpose of the event falls on the youth team. One of our jobs is make memories with the youth. This is why playing games and hanging out with youth is so important. The Youth Team is purposeful about making connections with friends who have come to SBC for the first time. Invite them to come again, learn their name, introduce them to us (the youth team) have fun with them. We work hard a creating a place where they can belong, be safe, have fun, and be discipled.

Please continue to pray for us, the SBC Youth team, as we build into the lives of the youth of Summerland.

(Hint: the action happens around the 30 second mark)

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