A Matter of Urgency

By Pastor Mikel Laurie

Hemorrhaging Faith teaser

This fall I want to invite you to "What Now?", a one day conference on what leaders and parents can do in response to the exodus of young adults from the church.

In 2011, University of Lethbridge sociologist and Canadian youth and church consultant James Penner presented an earth shaking report entitled Hemorrhaging Faith which revealed that for every three children attending Protestant and Catholic churches in the 1990’s only one remains connected with the church as a young adult now.

Never before have I felt such an urgency for the church to respond to an issue. The reality is we will continue losing approximately 2 out of 3 of our current Sunday school children if f we don't respond to this trend. We risk becoming irrelevant to this current generation.

As a church leader, and more importantly as a parent, I want to do whatever I can to respond to this reality. That is why we have invited James Penner, the author the of the Hemorrhaging Faith report to come to Summerland on Oct 4th to share firsthand how we can respond.

The research also shows that there is tremendous hope too. We now know why young adult fence sitters, wanderers and rejectors leave our churches as well as why engagers choose to remain. Four questions have arisen from the research that can help lead the way to recovery.

• How do we encourage young adults to have a passionate and personal experience with God?
• How can parents have a vibrant faith that gets passed on to their children?
• How do we create the kind of organic community that young adults crave?
• How do we shift our teaching to empower young people in their faith journey?

Don’t miss the first time that James and his team will be presenting in the Okanagan. Come join us on Oct 4th for a one day conference. Throughout the day, you will be able to interact and with one of our nations experts on these issues. Find out what is really going on. And what you and your church can do about it.

For years, we have believed that young adults will return after they are married and have kids. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We need to respond.

I invite you as a leader and parent to invest some time and learn how to best respond to this generation and invest in the faith of this next generation.

Join us for “What Now?” For more information and to register, click here.


Thanks to James Penner for valuable contribution to this article.


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