A Message From Mexico

This past March, a large team from SBC went to San Quentin Mexico to serve with One Life One Chance Ministries. We've since received a letter from One Life Once Chance and a video from the family we built a home for and we thought you would enjoy viewing them!

Hello Summerland crew!

We just wanted to send a quick message to the group who came down to Mexico this spring, and to the whole church, to say thank you so much for all that you did and all that you gave here in Mexico. It was an absolute pleasure to work with your group - so willing and serving, so great with the kids, great with the family. You were a huge blessing to us as staff and to the people you worked with here.

We went back to visit your family! They were so happy, they all seem to be doing well. Vayda has been sending me emails for Nikcia and when we went to visit she was so thrilled to get Vayda’s letter. We really appreciate how your group is making an effort to continue that relationship! Below is a little message from them to all of you:

Thank you very much & God bless!

Heather McMaster Molina
Director of Indigenous Ministries
One Life One Chance Ministries

And here is a video from our family!


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