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By Pastor Mikel

Hemorrhaging Faith fb

Recently we had James Penner and his team share with us at 'What Now?', a one-day conference on what leaders and parents can do in response to the exodus of young adults from the church. Below I have collected some of the great “take aways” from those that attended.

What is one thing you learned about millennial health/discipleship?

“I learned that Millennials are different because they have been brought up in a totally different social culture than me, being a boomer. It is impossible for them, as it is for everyone, to see the world from a viewpoint that they have never learned or experienced.”

“The need to connect older and younger generations.”

“Millennials need approval of their mentors whenever they endeavor to search for answers and they learn best if they get gentle guidance within their own terms and life experience. Millennials learn from their parents and do what they see in the family. ”

“It is experiential. The focus is on the relationship.”

“To see them as having the spark within to be lit, not a vessel to cram full.”

What is one thing you plan to do differently about millennial health/discipleship as a result of the conference?

“I plan to listen more and learn about the lens that they are seeing the world through. I would like to understand their logic for factors such as prolonged adolescence and their need for "freedom".”

“To be intentional about connecting meaningfully with younger adults.”

“Keep encouraging parents to be involved actively in their own faith.”

 If you attended this event and would like to add further comments, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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