A Summokan Work Bee

By Dianne Holland

On the wall of our home is a phrase that states: “Family is a little world created by Love”. This is a great description of the Family of God and it is realized when members of that family gather together to serve one another and welcome others to join in. What follows is an example of this concept in action. Read carefully and recognize the very ‘character of God’ seen in the actions and attitudes of these people. Truly, they are ‘FAMILY’! (Pastor Del)

THEY ARRIVED in big black trucks and a multitude of miscellaneous cars. They carried chop saws, table saws, hand saws, shovels and drills and big hammers...

Summokan Bee 1

IT WAS AN ARMY – an advancing army of cheerful volunteers from a local church, descending on a decrepit trailer home to dissect it, destroy it and rip it apart – to advance its readiness for habitation.

Summokan Bee 2

Where would you like me to park? Do you need a ladder? Where shall I start? We’ve brought coffee and muffins - and 12 o’clock pizza and pop!

They were just everyday folk forming a Work Bee, men and women willingly offering their skills and expertise to bless and encourage two new folk moving to the community. Christianity in action!

The miscellaneous crew vigorously attacked the tasks and gave of him/herself for the next 3 hours. Laughter punctuated the blows of the hammer. Fun comments drowned out the buzz of the saws. No water, no heat, no 'facilities' - no complaints!

Summokan Bee 3

A structure to serve as a base for a shed popped up out of nowhere,

Summokan Bee 4

Steps and a deck grew from the rear of the trailer to serve as an emergency exit,

Summokan Bee 5

Time-tainted ceilings began to glow with white enthusiasm!

Summokan Bee 6

Paneled walls were carefully ‘mudded’ and readied for future wallpapering.

Summokan Bee 7

Decrepit kitchen cabinets were ripped from the walls and sinks, and counters noisily disassembled.

Summokan Bee 8

Useless ground was levelled for a future structure.

Summokan Bee 9

Tons of pine-tree needles were raked up and bagged!

Summokan Bee 10

Garden waste bags, mostly pine needles, were readied for the expected rain. Total: 17 bags!

summokan bee 12

And a structure wall was built to complete the front of the old, damaged trailer.


Magnificent giant pizza and pop arrived in the nick of time for lunch... and a lasagna just for the house-owners’ dinner later that night. Who could ask for more!

Hard work, camaraderie, lots of encouragement and Del’s timely turkey story broke us into pieces as these genuine folk gave so much of themselves to bless new-comers to the community of Summerland. That’s it! That’s Summerland Baptist Church folks. Warm, genuine, welcoming. . .

Ken and Dianne Holland, recipients of this extraordinary kindness, offer a mighty THANKS to, in no particular order, Pastor Jack Borchert, Pam Borchert, Blaine Martinac, Angela Potts, Steve Potts, Dave Gregory, Pastor Del Riemer, Bill Wills, Maureen Wills, Reg Jensen, George Jensen, Joe Wiebe, Allan Bedford and Glen Warkentin.

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