An Eager Anticipation

By Pastor Jason Johnson

Johnson Christmas

The never ending question of Christmas décor and when do we put up the tree and lights seems as debated as whether or not pineapple is a legit pizza topping.

I know that not everyone gets into Christmas as early as we do in the Johnson home. We always wait till after our local Remembrance Day ceremony has concluded which we attend every year.

At the same time, I love what the ambiance of Christmas does for our home and sense of hospitality! Advent, by its own definition, is an eager anticipation of the Lord. I understand and get it for those who want to wait till close to December, but I sympathize with those who "just can't wait". I think of a man named Simeon in Luke 2:25-35 who, we read, early, early on, went to the temple to pray continually, specifically for the coming Messiah and was overjoyed to first lay eyes on the infant Christ. He just could not wait! Just my opinion, but I think if Simeon was alive today, he just might be one of those guys irritating his neighbours setting up the lights before the first hint of Christmas coming.

But regardless of where you stand on Christmas décor, I would say that God delights in our anticipation of what He is going to do with every season of life. Advent seems to draw us into a place of wonder and excitement that reminds us that, just like the days when God’s people waited for the coming Messiah, we too wait for His return. Jesus promises in Revelation 22:12, “…I am coming soon!” He is coming, He will return and this hope is the very thing that keeps us going in every situation we face.

I would encourage all who are a part of our SBC family to check out the Advent readings and resources our staff are making available to you this season to read as an individual journey or as a family.

May this coming Advent season be a blessing to you. You are loved and eternally valued.

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