An Update from Tammy

By Tammy Van Delft - Children's Director

van delft familyThe Lord has been opening up doors for my family and I want to take a moment to give an update on my recovery over the last few months and to also fill you in our plans going forward.

For those who may not be aware, in February of this year I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, which is heart failure due to a virus entering my blood stream and damaging the left side of my heart which was pumping less than 15%. After nine days in the hospital and Cardiac ward in Kelowna and having every test in the book done, it was finally confirmed to be a virus that damaged my heart.

After many changes to meds, tears, unknowns, and finally the right medication, I was sent home to fill my prescriptions and given a long list of recovery guidelines to follow.

I am now 1 day away from my Echocardiogram which will tell us of the improvements of my heart. The last 4 months we have had our moments of tears, ‘Why me’ moments but also moments of peace and joy that I cannot express.

I have a confident expectation that I am FULLY Healed! Through this experience we have felt the Lord’s presence like never before in our lives. I want to thank the Church family from the bottom of our hearts for all your love, support and prayers!

I have loved every moment of working here at SBC. However, over the last several months the Lord has opened doors for a new opportunity for our family. Doors have flung open and continue to open full of peace and blessings!

Some of you know my husband, Dave, works for Sysco Foods in Kelowna as a District Sales Manager. He has been there for 15 years. In the last few months there have been discussions with him for an opportunity of a life time and we feel this is from the Lord. The Lord has answered over and above all questions and concerns and given us beyond what we expected.

So, with approval from my Cardiologist and a team waiting for me when we arrive, and most of all 100% peace from the Lord, I will not be returning to my position here at SBC. We are moving to Regina, Saskatchewan as Dave has been given a very large leadership role as Vice President of Sales at the Sysco Regina Company. I will be able to stay home as a full time wife and mom as our kids settle into a new life and I will be able to continue my recovery.

This has been a whole family decision and we are all ready to go and move into the new direction the Lord has for us.

God is faithful and He will continue to be faithful to all of you here at SBC. It is bitter sweet to leave the Okanagan and trade it in for Prairie living but we know this is where we are supposed to go without a shadow of a doubt.

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