Angel Breakfast 2018

By Wendy Nixon

Twas the 8th of December and all thru the church,
Every child had a smile, every angel a perch.
Pictures were taken with angel so bright
It reminded us of a star that first Christmas night.

Crafts were colored and glued with care,
As sparkles and glitter flew thru the air.
'Coffee, need coffee' was heard like a dull roar,
so it was served with sausage, eggs, pancakes and syrup galore.

Then a story of Christmas to the children was read
about a baby named Jesus, born with no bed.
Angels arrived thru a cloud that was hung,
Treats were dispersed and carols were sung.

Thanks to the cooks, angels, setter uppers, taker downers and coffee makers,
all your help was appreciated no matter how big or how small.
And a Merry merry Christmas to one and to all.

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