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This past Sunday, our church family had the privilege of witnessing two of our youth be baptised. Emily and Dawson each shared their testimony of how they came to faith in Christ and why they wanted to take this public step of baptism. Here are their testimonies in their own words…

Dawson 1

  Dawson 2










When I was about 4 yrs old, I remember Dad walking into my room and sitting beside me on my bed. He said, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” I probably said, “To believe in God and love Him!” Then Dad talked to me a little more about what it means to be a Christian. 

After we had talked, and Dad told me more about how Jesus loves me so much, that He even died for me, I told Dad I wanted to pray with him to become a Christian. So he said something like this, “Repeat after me… Dear Jesus, come into my heart today . I believe you died on the cross for my sins, I believe you are the son of God. I love you Jesus. Amen!”
So, I did! After that prayer, I felt so good! I felt like my heart was no longer empty and I ran out of my room and told her what happened and I said, “I feel great!” She was very happy and smiled and hugged me. That night I went to sleep feeling so good! And that is how I was saved in Jesus Name!!
It started when my buddy, Jhett, and I were talking about baptism, and how we want to get baptized like Jesus. Ever since then, I’ve slowly felt like I need to get baptized. Soon, the Holy Spirit was always reminding me about taking this step. So now, I want the whole entire world to know that Jesus is my Saviour, and Redeemer and that I love Him whole heartedly!

~ Dawson


Emily 1

  Emily 2










Today is a special day for me. It is the day I show my love for God. I want to be baptized because I believe that baptism means showing people that you want to follow Christ and let him be your Saviour. Baptism also shows God that you want to follow Him, now and always.

I have always been a Christian. I grew up in a Christian home and have always gone to church. I have amazing family and friends that help me understand more about being a follower each day. Even as I grow up they continue to do so and I hope that never stops.

The first time God ever touched me, that I still remember clearly, was when my sister Elan was in the Hospital for a long period of time. There was a nursing mistake and Elan could have got really sick. We prayed for a miracle and it happened. The next morning it was like it never happened. Even the nurse that didn't know said this is amazing.

I gave my life to Christ at a Bible group from my church. I have probably gave my life to God many times before, but this time I was sure. I don't ask myself, did I, maybe I didn't, what if it wasn't good enough. Now I can say yes I did and it was good enough just like all the times before.

The verse I have is short but meaningful:

"If you remain in me, and my word remains in you, you will ask wherever you desire, and it will be done for you." John 15:7

This verse means a lot to me because when I hear it, I know that I can ask Him anything, and the second I ask He is there listening and already made a plan before I asked. Even if I have to wait to see what He will do I know He cares about every word.

After today, after right now life will be no easier than before, but I am excited to see what it brings!

~ Emily


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