Be A Kid Again!

by Pastor Matt

This past week I had the pleasure of speaking at Camp Tulahead located just outside of Princeton, BC.

Camp Tulahead wm

I arrived on Sunday, got my camp shirt, my camp name (BOOMER) and started meeting the kids. So many different kids! Some were short and some were tall. Some were loud and others were LOUDER! Some were crazy and others were “I can’t believe he just did that!”

But when you put all these different kids together for a whole week, it’s pretty special.

Tulahead Climbing Wall wm

During the week I was able to share with the kids how much Jesus loves them, how he wants to be with them, and how he wants them to have the best life. The wonderful thing about kids -- they get it, they just get it.

Jesus knew this about kids and in his ministry here on earth he was quick to point that out. He made it very clear that we are to come to him as children (Matthew 18).

As adults though, why is it we make Jesus more complicated? Why is it we make his message more complex? When we make things more complicated and more complex, we lose the joy. The joy of knowing his love, the joy of being with him.

Believe me, there was no shortage of joy at camp this week!

Tulahead Funny Faces wm

Once in while, maybe as adults, we need to try being a kid. It’s really not that complicated. Try it, I DARE ya!

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