Beacon Initiatives Fun 'n Fellowship

By Dianne Holland

It's hard to believe it's September and we're gearing up to start all our SBC activities and programs. If you are a retired and looking for some fun during the week, you may want to consider Beacon's Games Day & Lunch and/or Ministry Crafts. It all starts this coming Tuesday!

Elevating down or step stepping our way down to the second floor Fireside Room, on Tuesday mornings, we, those who consider ourselves seniors or even pre-seniors at SBC, enjoy mental stimulation with Scrabble, or physical exercise with carpet bowling, or relaxation with Dominoes, or any board game you choose to introduce. Fellowship, lunch, and the opportunity to reach out to others in the community . . . time well spent!  


Loads of physical activity is available; loads of mind-stretching for those who choose, loads of laughter and definitely loads of positive fellowship. We are the Seniors – an active part of Summerland Baptist Church. We come in all shapes and sizes, all manner of temperaments, all levels of education and all kinds of ability or inability. Consider yourself a young or older senior? YOU are welcome. Just show up!

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Whether we bend and bowl ,

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or just want to sit and enjoy conversation, you are welcome. Never too old. Never too young. Just bring yourself!

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Decisions about which opposing team, ‘black’ or ‘brown’, is closest to the ‘white’ is, well, always worthy of dissenting discussion!

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Some like to stir the generously-provided soup, fellowship around washing the few soup bowls, wipe tables, prepare and provide a simple desert.

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Some like to play just-for-fun

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or mind-building games, or watch and visit, it all works together for good!

11:30 is wrap-up time topped off with an ever-encouraging devotional with Pastor Del or his designate.

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And then we eat - just a simple bowl of the always-tasty home-made soup and a bun for a mere $3.00. (Kudos to various angelic individuals in SBC who, each week provide this nutritious meal as a personal ministry– such an important part of Christian fellowship!) Such angels are always welcome. ....

We pray for one another. We encourage one another. We call each other when someone is missing. We share joys and sorrows. We welcome and uphold one another. And we pray for each other. No time to be lonely!

And we may, if we wish, participate in a variety of other activities such as, Eyes on Truth, Harbour Lights, Mizpah, etc., all under the SBC Beacon Initiatives umbrella, ‘specially designed for seniors– all with the goal of supporting each other and reaching out to others for the greater good – the good of the Gospel – the good of ‘family’ - the good of each other… but that’s a Blog for another day.

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