Beautiful Glimpses

By Stephanie Erdt

 Playschool Class Photo 2013-14 resized

In October 2000, Pam Borchert and I started teaching together at Summerland Christian Playschool. Mrs. B, Mrs. E and nine precious little ones. It was our very first class. The years flew by and now five of those children (the ones that were 4 years old at the time) just graduated from High School! How does fourteen years go by so fast? I can remember each of them at four years old. I recall their cute little faces, their 4 year old personalities. Something about each one of those children has stuck with me through the years. The way their little voice sounded or something they said or did. Who they were at 4 years old is very much who they are now. Quiet... outgoing... thoughtful... scientifically inclined... adventurous... We saw a glimpse of who God created them to be; their identity in Christ.

This year, playschool again flew by. The precious class of 2013-14 will graduate in 2027! That is thirteen years from now. I know it will pass all too quickly. I can't help but wonder how these kids will be impacted as they grow. Will they remember that God created them for a purpose? That God has a plan for them? Will peer pressure change how they see themselves? Will they continue to see the gifts that were evident in them as a preschooler and grow to discover more of who God made them to be? Will they remember that God made them, loves them and wants to be connected with them forever?

During circle time during the last week of playschool this year, I had a very serious chat with the kids. I told them that I needed them to never, ever forget something VERY important. I almost cried as I looked into their precious little faces knowing I wouldn’t be with them much longer… “Please, always remember that God loves you!” “Oh Mrs. E! Of course we will remember!”

Thirteen years from now, before they head out into the big world after their grade 12 graduation, they will receive a note from their playschool teachers reminding them of God's unconditional, eternal love. That He was with them in a big way from the beginning. A reminder that we saw a glimpse in their four year old selves of who God made them to be and encourage them to follow that fearlessly and passionately.


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