Better Together Includes... Who?

By Pastor Del Riemer

Many of you will know about our SBC ‘Better Together’ program which connects older people in our church family (empty nest couples and singles) with a young family with children. This initiative has been operating for 4 years now and currently we have 22 sponsorship connections which serve to enrich the young families by celebrating special events, looking after children so mom and dad can have a ‘date night’, mentorship, prayer, practical assistance and encouragement. The older participants are enriched as well as they are reminded that they are significant and needed in the lives of younger people, in addition to the satisfaction of serving and connecting to those in the next generation!

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On June 9 we held a season wrap up event for the Better Together families which included a BBQ meal, face painting by Larabelle the Clown, dinner music by Back Porch Gospel and an old-time kids competition using games, races and relays from years gone by. Why? Well, the Beacon Initiatives group from SBC is made up of Seniors who, although somewhat advanced in years, still have a passion to see the next generation influenced for Christ. This ‘Beacon’ group planned, paid for and attended this event as a way of reminding our young families that just because they are older in years, they are still engaged, interested and supportive of our children, youth and young adults. The games and races that the kids participated in are ones that this group of Seniors are intimately acquainted with… because they played them when they were young. Check out the photos of our 3 legged race, wheel barrow race, sack race and tug-of-war (that one was a bit of a gong show since I held it on a carpet which quickly bunched up in the middle, but did create some great challenges for the kids)!

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All in all, this event served to remind us all once again, that Better Together is a theme that includes every age, ability and passion. When all is said and done, you could consolidate it down to one word… FAMILY!

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