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Back in March, 8 couples bravely accepted our Date Night Blog Challenge. Their challenge was to plan a fun and creative date night that kept within a $25 budget. They also had to commit to blogging about it on our SBC Blog. It appears that each couple had tons of fun in the process and we know you will have a lot of fun reading their posts! After we have posted all 8 date nights, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The winning couple will receive a night at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and a $75 gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

Thanks to each couple who braved the challenge and put time, effort and creativity into their date. We hope the following posts will inspire you to get creative and plan your own special date night and enjoy the beautiful place we live.

We also want to express our sincere thanks to the Summerland Waterfront Resort for donating the prize of a one night stay at their beautiful resort.

Date Night #5: Trevor & Laceydawn Loeppky

Reliving our Honeymoon on $25

It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, thinking about the day to day and forgetting sometimes about the magic that brought you together in the beginning of your marriage. That’s what our date was all about. We decided to go back and relive some memories that we made on our amazing two month honeymoon in Europe, which was nine years ago. We visited nine countries in eight weeks and had some incredible experiences. As soon as we decided to do this (ok it was Trevor’s idea) we started looking at pictures of our honeymoon and reminiscing about how much fun we had, and how it’s strange to see how we have changed and also how we have stayed the same. I feel like this is where the date started. It stirred up all the excitement and newness of our marriage, the adventure and unknown of our lives that were just starting. We were so excited to relive some of these moments again. SO here is a little glimpse of our adventure, reliving our honeymoon, and loving every moment.

Our first stop was to find the best coffee in Summerland, and as Avaya will plainly tell you, mom gets coffee at the Beanery, so off we went. Now 9 years ago, Trevor was the only coffee lover in the family and he still swears that the cup he was served at Hotel Henry the 4th in Paris was the best cup he has ever had. I have to disagree. I say the best cup, is the current cup. Cheers to the Beanery!

Loeppky 1b

Next we headed up Giants Head Mountain. When we were in Switzerland we stayed at this cute hostel in the middle of the Swiss Alps; it was complete with wood burning hot tub, Swiss chocolate fondue, and bunkbeds! While there, there wasn’t much to do other than eat butter and hike, so that’s what we did! Up, up up…..we went. So in Summerland, when trying to recreate the craziest hike you have ever done, you look to Giants Head, so up we went, and it never disappoints!

loeppky 2b

loeppky 3b

And onward, (did I mention that this date took most of the day…?) When in Frieberg Germany, we hiked what was famed as “the largest waterfall in Germany”….how were we supposed to know Germany didn’t have very tall waterfalls! We “hiked” or walked would be a more accurate word, next to a leisurely stream which eventually led, in a slightly up hill manner, to a less than impressive waterfall. Nice walk all the same, but less than climactic. SO off we go to relive this epic adventure…to Peachland and Hardy falls. A quick walk, slightly uphill, but not really and we arrive at the quaint waterfall that is great because it’s easy enough to get to with two small children.

loeppky 4b

Venice. Oh Venice. Some people think of Venice and think of boats and scenic views. I think of Gelato. There was this one day, it’s a day we often talk about, we ate gelato three times. It. Was. Awesome. So now obviously after our exhausting “hike” to Hardy Falls we were in need of some serious refreshments. There happens to be this little gelato place in Peachland, you know the one that serves it out of a window of the Chinese food place? Yup, that was our next top. It wasn’t quite a good as it was in Italy, but the serving was bigger so I call that a win.

loeppky 5bloeppky 7b

In Paris, we ate bread. Actually, our whole honeymoon we ate bread, and cheese, and A LOT of Nutella. But this next stop was all about the bread. When we were in Paris we were hungry and broke, as you often are when backpacking for two months. So we went to this bread factory that offered free samples. WELL, the words free samples to a backpacker are pure Gold, and we donned our hoodies with giant pockets and casually filled up. After we left the bread factory we purchased a cheese platter from a street vendor for 5 Euros and had a feast. Oh it was like tasting heaven! So to get the best bread in Summerland we obviously went off to True Grain, armed with our full bread card, and of course went after 4pm so we could get TWO free loaves. (If you didn’t know that….you are welcome!) And then to IGA to purchase $5 worth of cheese. And we ate. Sitting on that bench, I could close my eyes and imagine I was back in Paris without a care.

loeppky 8b

Did you know that the Lindor Chocolate Factory is in Cologne, Germany? We didn’t until our Lonely Planet travel book told us. On a whim we hopped on a train and headed to a town we had never heard of all in search of chocolate. And it was worth it. We saw chocolate fountains and rivers and it was…maybe what heaven is like, not sure, but it’s got to be close. So it seemed fitting to enjoy some Lindor on our date, of course we couldn’t make it to a chocolate factory, but some discount Lindor chocolate eggs seemed to do the trick. Cheers!

loeppky 9b

Every good date should end in a sunset. On our honeymoon we were lucky enough to see the famed sunset on Santorini Island and it was incredible. We went there because I worked at Santorini’s for five years, that’s where I met Pastor Larry… who only ate Caesar salad if he wasn’t seeing Erna in the near future. (What a guy!) Anyways, I stared at this mural of this famous sunset for 5 years and promised myself I would see it, and we did. It was incredible, and kind of weird that people clapped when it set. So it seemed fitting that we end our epic date with a sunset at Santorini’s, where we also enjoyed some French fries, which we also ate a lot of in Greece because what else do you eat with your daily Gyro?

loeppky 10b

Drinking coffee, hiking, eating gelato, chocolate and cheese…some things just never get old…mainly the gelato, chocolate and cheese. I think we should relive those memories more often. We climbed mountains, hiked to a waterfall, drank, ate and played, and it was glorious. It was evident as we barreled through activities that we still love to have fun together, and no matter where we are, it IS an adventure. Thanks be to God for the beginning and the present of our marriage, and here’s hoping that adventure never fades.


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  • Greta Loeppky

    10 June 2017 at 18:50 | #

    What a wonderful way to relive your honeymoon!
    Wishing you God's richest blessings today and each day forward!


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