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Back in March, 8 couples bravely accepted our Date Night Blog Challenge. Their challenge was to plan a fun and creative date night that kept within a $25 budget. They also had to commit to blogging about it on our SBC Blog. It appears that each couple had tons of fun in the process and we know you will have a lot of fun reading their posts! After we have posted all 8 date nights, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The winning couple will receive a night at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and a $75 gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

Thanks to each couple who braved the challenge and put time, effort and creativity into their date. We hope the following posts will inspire you to get creative and plan your own special date night and enjoy the beautiful place we live.

We also want to express our sincere thanks to the Summerland Waterfront Resort for donating the prize of a one night stay at their beautiful resort.

Date Night #7: Dave & Lois Goertzen

So after almost 45 years of marriage, how do you do something exotic and really special and inexpensive? How about a date in Maui! Is that even possible for $25? Well, you do need to be creative and willing to do something just a little different, like spending 3 months or more at Haggai Institute in Maui. But that’s not too hard.

IMG 0976

IMG 0734

How about having an all inclusive and not even having to have pay to get there or pay to stay? And if you do some volunteering you actually get grocery money! That is possible as Lois and I have discovered. This was our ‘home’ for just over 3 months.

IMG 8166

IMG 0905

While we were there we traveled all over Maui, discovered new beaches with our volunteer friends, watched sunsets at the ocean and enjoyed poolside dinners.

IMG 0792

IMG 0703

IMG 0675

IMG 0662

So what do you do if you were actually spending $25 on a date? For $8 you could ride the buses all over the whole island for an entire day, you could go to Starbucks, buy a coffee and watch a glorious sunset, you could grab a cold drink, head down to the beach and search for sea turtles and if you’re lucky even see whales frolicking in the ocean.

IMG 0097

So what did we do for our date night? Well you guessed it... we went on a date! We had a catered dinner complete with our own personal server. There was music and entertainment after dinner and we interacted with people from 30 countries around the globe who shared their stories with us.

(This is a short video of part of the Convocation song written and composed by these men.)

Our Appetizer, a Papaya and shrimp salad.

IMG 0801 1

Main course of steak and seafood with potatoes and braised broccoli.

IMG 0803

Dessert was an individually made, specialty cheese cake garnished with whipped cream and strawberries.

IMG 0811

So did we really spend the $25 for a date night? As you can tell we really didn’t need the money to have a wonderful date in an exotic location in Maui, as well as hear how God is working in powerful and life changing ways around the world. Was it worth spending 3 months in Maui, leaving friends and family behind? It sure was!! It’s the best way to go out on a $25 date!

P.S. We admit, we did have an unfair advantage in our date location but it is totally possible for you as well to have a paid 3 month date!!

Please DO NOT vote for us but please DO ask us how to do this yourselves!

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