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Back in March, 8 couples bravely accepted our Date Night Blog Challenge. Their challenge was to plan a fun and creative date night that kept within a $25 budget. They also had to commit to blogging about it on our SBC Blog. It appears that each couple had tons of fun in the process and we know you will have a lot of fun reading their posts! After we have posted all 8 date nights, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The winning couple will receive a night at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and a $75 gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

Thanks to each couple who braved the challenge and put time, effort and creativity into their date. We hope the following posts will inspire you to get creative and plan your own special date night and enjoy the beautiful place we live.

We also want to express our sincere thanks to the Summerland Waterfront Resort for donating the prize of a one night stay at their beautiful resort.

Date Night #8: Austin & Vanessa Ojala

This is the story of how two very tired parents of a 2.5 yr old and 6 month old went on a date:

Both Husband and his wife saw an announcement on the screen at church about the Date Night Challenge and thought: "There's no way.." while holding a squirmy baby and a toddler who kept whining, "I don't LIKE going to church! I wanna go home!

After repeated exposure to said announcement week after week, Wife starts thinking, " Maybe we could try to do something date-like. It's been a while since our last date...", while taking her two youngsters to nursery and Sunday school. She then proceeds to forget about the Date Night Challenge as soon as she gets home and nap schedules and feeding times take priority in her mom-brain.

On the last Sunday before the challenge deadline hits, Wife remembers that the $25 is reimbursable and babysitting is subsidized and that she still has a husband that she likes and two children that she loves but could use a break from. Wife signs up for the Date Night Challenge. Then wife texts all the babysitters she knows. The first babysitter is sick. The second is flying a kite. But the third was available! Wife tells Husband to start researching cheap and unique date ideas and that their date better be good because she wants to win the prize. Husband tells Wife that even if they win, they have a 6 month old and cannot stay in a hotel away from the baby. Wife gets mad at Husband for being so logical.

Wife takes baby in the car to pick up babysitter (hoping baby falls asleep on the drive) while Husband tries to get a defiant toddler to take a nap. Wife picks up babysitter and puts the now sleeping baby into bed. Toddler is not sleeping. Toddler is yelling in his room because he doesn't want to nap. Daddy tries to get toddler to go to sleep. Then Wife tries. Then both Husband and Wife throw their hands up with an exasperated sigh, salute the babysitter and jump into the car and squeal away before the babysitter changes her mind.

Husband and Wife are now free.They giggle nervously. Then Wife asks Husband what they are doing on their date? Husband doesn't know. Wife gets mad at Husband for not knowing. Husband and Wife decide to try DISC GOLF... because that is a unique and prize worthy idea. And it happens to be right beside the Bench Market... Wife's favourite Penticton cafe. They stop at Canadian Tire to look for discs (aka special frisbees). There are none. They drive to Sport Check. There are none. Wife suggests buying cheap frisbees at the Dollar Store and using those or even bouncy balls? Husband says no. He cannot use anything other than the official discs. Wife asks why not? Husband cannot explain in a way that his wife understands. Wife is mad at Husband for not being adaptable. They decide to eat at the Bench Market for lunch because they are both very hangry and it was at least part of the original plan.

Both husband and wife eat very unoriginal food and water.. because their budget is $25. But it is really delicious and Husband and Wife feel better. Wife asks Husband if he could learn to do anything what would it be? Husband doesn't know. Husband then asks Wife a question: Are you going to go back to work? Her answer is very long and Husband regrets asking said question. Wife gets mad at Husband for not talking. Husband says he doesn't like to talk about personal things when there are other people sitting really close and could possible hear him. Wife thinks that is reasonable and is gracious towards Husband.

Husband and Wife leave the cafe and drive home early because they still cannot play Disc Golf. On the way home, they decide to sneak into the house and take their bikes for a ride while they still have a babysitter. Wife loves riding her bike. Husband decides to make Wife happy. Husband lets Wife lead the way the whole time. Wife is really really happy. She talks the whole time. Husband starts to be funny and jokes with Wife. Wife thinks Husband is pretty funny and is pretty proud of herself for marrying such a great guy.

Husband and Wife arrive home and feel pretty proud of themselves for being so adaptable and also for sort of exercising. They also are pretty excited that they still like hanging out together. Both toddler and baby are alive when the parents walk in the house. Wife pays babysitter very well because she remembers the church is reimbursing her for childcare.

Wife asks Husband if he's going to write up the blog before midnight? Husband says he has a meeting. Wife is mad at husband. Wife starts writing blog and sees that pictures are strongly encouraged. Wife is mad at husband for not taking any pictures. But Wife doesn't stay mad long, because she had fun with Husband today. Wife looks into getting a babysitter for next week because she wants to do it all over again.


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