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Back in March, 8 couples bravely accepted our Date Night Blog Challenge. Their challenge was to plan a fun and creative date night that kept within a $25 budget. They also had to commit to blogging about it on our SBC Blog. It appears that each couple had tons of fun in the process and we know you will have a lot of fun reading their posts! After we have posted all 8 date nights, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The winning couple will receive a night at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and a $75 gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

Thanks to each couple who braved the challenge and put time, effort and creativity into their date. We hope the following posts will inspire you to get creative and plan your own special date night and enjoy the beautiful place we live.

We also want to express our sincere thanks to the Summerland Waterfront Resort for donating the prize of a one night stay at their beautiful resort.

Date Night #1: Jordan & Betsy Knorr


We were on our way to Vancouver anyways so we decided to stop in at Harrison’s Hot Springs and do our date night there. We had a few goals: Keep it under $25 of course, soak it up in some hot springs and find a waterfall to explore. 

Our favourite thing to do as a couple is to find and sit in hot springs and it seems that the suggested allotted time of a 10 minute soak never really enters into our own convictions. We found the hot springs in the early afternoon on Saturday. Even though we prefer natural pools we paid the 18$ dollars to get into a pleasantly uncrowded pool where we sat for about an hour. There were massive bay windows facing north overlooking Harrison’s massive lake with two lawn chairs perched in front for the benefit of our cooling down between soaking sessions. We sat in our bathing suits as rain hit the window and watched the mist and fog that made the mountains look majestic and mysterious. We even shut our eyes, not intending to sleep but in hopes to reach total relaxation. Betsy lasted longer because she has matured to a place of being able to rest when need be. I however treat my time away like I eat my chocolate bars, I must experience it all right now! So back to the pool we went until our hands resembled prunes and we were off to complete our next goal, find a water fall. 

Want to see Betsy in a moment of awe and pure joy? Drive by a waterfall. In that moment no matter what is going in her life, joy and beauty is front and centre. We drove into Sasquatch National Park North-East of Harrison’s Hot Springs and we were on the prowl for anything resembling a cliff and high volumes of precipitation. Getting a little anxious I began looking for anything that we could do besides just drive around, I wanted to be a part of nature, not just a spectator of it. I saw a trail off to the right of the road with a little pull out and because of the dense rain forest I thought that’s gotta lead somewhere cool. We parked, got out and through an opening in the forest we found ourselves gazing upon a 3 tiered, 300 foot water fall about 400 yards away. It is run off season so that made the noise and the power to be felt from where we were on the road. It was on. We grabbed the essentials, the knife, the camera, our coffee’s that we picked up from the local hipster joint and we were off, everything a millennial needs to survive for a jaunt in the woods. We got to a river that we had to cross and even though we only had running shoes we didn’t let the high risk of the getting them soaked stop us. After some careful planning we grabbed a stick to prop us up as we crossed the slippery logs that made a natural bridge, getting us that much closer to our destination. Through the moss covered forest we hiked and as we approached the falls we both stared and watched them for a while together. Betsy was more than content with taking pictures and soaking in the power and beauty but I had to get closer. I had two motives. Get closer but also woo the lassi by risking death; works every time. Traversed the soaked log over the lower falls I did and I made sure to make it look a little more extreme than it was so that I could visibly see my wife’s desire for my safety. On the way back she had to help me back up the cliff reminding us that neither of us want to go through this life without the other.

Because of the fact that 'if it’s not on social media it didn’t happen' we took some #nofilter millennial approved pictures that show exactly what we wanted to show, that is, we are like totally in love and we like to hike and stuff. After that it was back to the truck with the mutual feeling of success as our trophy. A date we will always cherish! 

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  • Elizabeth

    09 June 2017 at 12:55 | #

    Jordan, you are such a great writer....I laughed and laughed! Thanks for the great idea and for sharing how crazy you are....wonderful to see you two keeping your Love Alive for each other as you come up to your 8th Anniversary!


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