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Many of us have treasured Christmas memories and traditions from when we were young. It's part of the warmth and excitement we feel in the build up to Christmas. We asked our Seniors to share a favorite Christmas memory or tradition... here are a few that we received. 

Our family tradition was to have our turkey dinner and open presents on Christmas Eve.

Our church service was at 6 am Christmas morning. Our church was out in the country and I was always excited to crest the last rise and see the church with candles glowing on all the window ledges.

Everyone brought food and we shared breakfast together after the service . My heritage is Swedish and I loved the rye bread, pickled herring and cinnamon buns. 
Fred Ericson

One Christmas we learned that a friend was offering sleigh rides out into the woods to cut Christmas trees, so a group of us hired him and gathered at his home on a Saturday afternon.

We sang Chirstmas carols as we rode out to find our trees. When we reached a good location our host let us off the sleigh. As we trudged through the snow looking for our tree, he prepared a bonfire and we roasted hot dogs and drank hot chocolate after we got back to the sleigh dragging our trees. A fun family afternoon.  
Fred & Marj Ericson

At the age of 16, I distinctly remember sitting on my parents couch, looking at the Christmas tree and thinking "I'm 16! I don't know the future or direction of my life, but every Christmas from now on, I commit to sitting by the tree and taking time to ponder what has transpired since this day, and give thanks to God." (Note: I still do it... to this day! At age 62!)
Del Riemer

At the Age of 13 I asked for a pair of mukluk moccasins. My parents got me an authentic pair of expensive Eskimo moccasins. They were not what I had expected and I commented... "I guess you guys couldn't afford a new pair, eh?". Due to my unthankful attitude, they took back the moccasins and I got no presents that Christmas. I learned a valuable lesson about being thankful. And to this day, I have a pair of moccasins hanging on my rec room wall to remind me of that lesson.
Del Riemer

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories or traditions? We'd love to hear about them! Share them in the comment section below...

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