Closing the Gap

By Pastor Lee Young

Greetings from Mexico,

We are are all running full blast now and seeing much accomplished. The house builds are both progressing rapidly and it looks like we will be finished them without any major difficulty. It is great to have experience in construction and teamwork.

A major blessing for yesterday is that many of our group were able to “close the gap” in language and culture. On the first day we were able to notice a wide gap in understanding each other in our language but also a large gap in culture. As our student and leaders reached out in humility they were able to see that they are not as different from us at all! One example from yesterday… on Luke’s team house build, the father, Humberto, was asked which way he would like an interior door to swing open. He paused to think about it and chose. He then put up his hands as if to say, wait a minute, and went to double check with his wife. She naturally chose the other way and he threw his hands up to say, whatever she wants! It sounded very familiar to me!! The group laughed and enjoyed the moment of connection.

In the end that’s what this trip is really about. Connection. We could build 4 houses in the same amount of time but it would be at the cost of connecting with the families. One Life One Chance continues to stress the importance of building relationships with each other and the people we serve. It has truly been a blessing to us.

Pastor Lee

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