By Tianna Riemer

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When I started helping out with the middle school girls’ bible study in the fall, I was nervous that it would become that “one more thing” I had to do. But after years at home with babies, I felt ready to take the plunge into serving more in the church. And boy was I in for a treat. Wednesday afternoons and the odd Friday night are highlights of my week and I am so thankful to those who have been willing to serve behind the scenes by watching my kids so I can go. It has been a joy getting to know the girls, dive into God’s word with them and run around the church like a crazy person.

I jumped at the opportunity to go on an all day conference called Collide in Kelowna with them, not really knowing what it would be like to hang out with a couple hundred middle school kids. If this is something you have a hard time imagining too, allow me to paint a picture. There is a lot of noise energy. Loud music is playing most of the time, sometimes by a DJ who is mixing the music in a way that thrills the kids and sometimes by a band leading you in singing (there may be actions to a song or two.) You might find a gym full of inflatable things like a Velcro wall, and there may be a ton of glow sticks involved. If you are lucky there could be a talented spoken word poet bursting with truth. You could be one of the few to witness the face of the pool staff at H2O when she asks the conference organizer how many people he’s paying for and he says something in the range of 200 kids. All of these were fun to be a part of and witness, but my favourite part was watching our group hang on every word the speaker spoke in both sessions. Then, when he asked if they wanted to unload their burdens and sin on Jesus and come up and pray with their leaders, to be that leader and get to pray over and with these girls you’ve been having fun with all day. To be brought to tears by someone else’s commitment to live for God from this point on, that’s what I was hoping for when I signed up and I wasn’t disappointed.

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