Even Better... Together!

By Pastor Del Riemer

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Over the 2016/17 ministry season, 22 young families along with 22 sponsoring couples or singles enriched each others’ lives by connecting through celebrated birthdays, attending sports events and games, assisting with shopping days, transporting kids to events, babysitting so mom and dad could go out on a date night, praying for each other, dinners/picnics/games nights and many other forms of connection. These points of contact helped to encourage and assist the young families as well as to enrich the older sponsoring couples and singles as they ‘shared life’ with each other.

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SBC still has a list of young families waiting for a sponsoring single or couple to partner with them. Would you consider being a part of ‘Better Together’ over the coming year?  (Either as a young family needing support, or an older couple/single with time and wisdom to offer?)

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All through Scripture, children and families were valued and the role of the elders in the community was to invest, encourage, mentor and support these families. What a great and rewarding opportunity we have to do just that here at SBC! (Deuteronomy 6:7-9, Psalm 22:30-31, Titus 2:1-8)

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To celebrate the past Better Together season we held a ball game and ice cream social at the Dale Meadows field with some of our partner families. Enjoy these photos from the afternoon and give some thought to becoming involved in Better Together Family Sponsorships! (Information and registration information can be found here.)

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