Faith at Home: Service

By Bree Young

At Summerland Baptist Church, we recognize that home is the primary place where children’s spiritual growth is nurtured. The goals of Faith at Home events are to support and empower families to be effective in training and teaching their children about Christ. We do this in three ways: by equipping, encouraging, and helping create a shared faith experience.

On Sunday, October 22 we created a space for parents and their grade two children to learn together about what God teaches about serving others.

service 3

The morning started with each kid opening their secret service envelope. Together with their parents/grandparent they learned how they can serve their families and friends.

service 2

Next, families read the following verses and described what God was teaching in each verse in their own words.

John 12:26
Hebrews 6:10
Hebrews 13:16
Philippians 2:3-4
Joshua 22:5b

service 1

Then Heather Griener took the grade twos to another room to make bags for the homeless. The supplies for each bag were provided by the SBC and the families attending the Faith at Home event. In each gallon-size Ziploc bag we put:

Pair of black Adult Socks
granola bars
bottle of water
Mini Hand Sanitizer wipes
Mini tissues pack
Hand written card from our grade two

service 4

While the grade twos made the bags. I shared with the parents and grandparents all about the phase their grade twos are in: physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. During our conversations, we discussed four conversations to have with their child in this phase. I enjoyed the freedom of parents sharing their struggles and wins, gleaning wisdom and support from each other. 

We ended the morning with families praying over their bags for the homeless and eating Pam Borchert's yummy cinnamon buns. Thank you Pam for serving families through your baking.

Each family went home with a Parenting Your Second Grader book/journal and 6 bags for the homeless. When opportunity comes up, the families will give these bags away to those in need.


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