The Evolution of Family Camp (Plus Camp Hacks)

By Amanda Brown

amandaWe have been attending Family Camp since its most recent inception, which was about nine years ago, and I have to say, it's been a different experience every year. In the first few years, our kids were babies and toddlers and most of the weekend would be spent pacing the grounds at 4 am with a grouchy kid, trying to lull them back to sleep so as not to rouse the entire camp before the break of dawn, or doing a head-count of the children every five seconds to make sure that nobody had made a break for the dock and then tumbled into the open water while my back was turned. I remember my mantra in those years was, "we are not here to relax; we are here to make memories" (mumbled through gritted teeth). Because it was NOT relaxing. Not even a little. But it was always worth the trip and so we kept on going.

As the years rolled by, I found things were evolving. I had flashes and moments of relaxation, as our kids got older and were able to enjoy more of the activities and run wild with their friends and the head-count only had to be conducted every hour instead of every minute.

Flash forward to this year's family camp. I think I saw my kids...for about five minutes? They were off in all directions, having the time of their lives with all their friends, and I actually got to sit and enjoy some adult conversation, and, wait for it: HAVE A NAP! It was glorious. Knowing that my girls were making amazing memories with friends, eating 45 granola bars before dinner, getting their faces painted, going paddle boarding, staying up late at the campfire... priceless.

I know it can be a stretch to make it to Camp SBC, to save up the money and create space for the time to make it happen, but I truly feel that it's worth the investment. The opportunity to connect with our church family in a way that Sunday mornings can't always afford is incredible and life-giving.

I have also discovered a few Camp Hacks over the years which make the weekend even better:

  • bring your own cream for coffee (I like mine 18% or higher...DON'T JUDGE ME)
  • stash some chocolate and snacks for yourself (gotta keep that blood sugar level stable)
  • ear plugs (trust me)
  • memory foam topper (I have yet to remember to do this, and regret my forgetfulness every year as I stretch my tired body across the cold, hard rubber mattress on the creaky bunk bed)

In short, we had another great year at camp! Hope to see you there next year!


We've got lots of fantastic photos and videos, but first we hope you will take 30 seconds to fill out this quick questionnaire. Whether you've gone every year, once or twice or have only thought about attending, we hope you will take a moment to give us your input. Thank you!

Thanks to Katie Van Bergeyk for these awesome photos!

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  • Terry Sotir

    11 October 2018 at 07:19 | #

    Looks like everyone had an amazing time...Great pictures, great memories...


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