Family Rhythm Check Up

By Bree Young

Family Rhythm Check UpResolutions and New Beginnings

January has arrived. All my attempts to railroad it did not stop it from arriving. Christmas break is coming to an end. No more sleeping in, no more food grazing all day, no more jammies all day, no more Netflix marathons. It is time to eat vegetables again, time to know what day it actually is, time to get feeding, cleaning, transporting kids again.

January brings talk of resolutions and new beginnings and no matter what kind of person you are, a love resolutions person or a hate resolutions person, we are all thinking about them. We can’t help thinking about improving habits, setting healthy patterns and re-orienting priorities.

Inspired by an Orange parenting blog post, our family had a family meeting/prayer time during the break and we asked our kids 5 questions:

  1. What is something that we used to do as a family that you wish we still did?
  2. What is something we used to do as a family that you’re glad we don’t do anymore?
  3. I wish our family spent more time __________ and less time __________.
  4. What is your favorite recent memory with our family?
  5. If you could change one thing about our family’s schedule, what would it be?

Every time we have a family meeting I have these unrealistic ideas of how it will go. I envision Kumbaya moments but mostly we have farting, wiggling, lots of silly and maybe, if we are lucky one second of Kumbaya. At the end of our question time it was very apparent that our kids were telling us that they wanted more family time. More farting, giggling and wiggling family time.

We would have said that family time is a priority in our family, but somewhere along the way we have a discrepancy between what we say is important and what we are living out. It seems our schedule does not reflect our priorities as a family. It seems that sports and commitments are keeping us from being together. When all six of us are involved in something that makes for a full schedule.

Lee and I decided that we needed to go back to scheduling Family Night on the calendar. For years we did this but maybe you can relate; that stress, feeling rushed, getting over committed, being tired, all contribute to priorities getting out of whack.

So, resolutions and new beginnings, here is our plan:

We will pick at least 2 nights a month as a Family Night. Are you thinking just two? We do spend most of our meals eating together, but a whole evening – well that is a miracle. We will all agree to say no to anything else that might come up that night. As the calendar person in our house, I will schedule them in.

Maybe you can relate but planning Family Night can be exhausting. Lately, when we do have a family night we watch a movie. Due to our jobs, Lee and I plan a lot of events. Planning yet another one can be just too much. Making some popcorn and watching a movie is easy and fun. But not if it's every Family Night. We have decided our kids will take turns planning Family Night. They will choose what we are eating and what we will do. The only constant will be that we include praying with each other and that it costs no more than $50. We know that this means that on Everett’s family night there will be eating cheese pizza and having Mario Kart tournaments. Brin is up to plan the first one. She wants us to go to H20 and then have sausage and perogies for supper. I am looking forward to what each of the other two plan.

Have I inspired you to checkup on your family rhythm?

Click here to do your own Family Rhythm Checkup.

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  • Pam

    03 January 2018 at 16:45 | #

    Ah yes... I remember those family "devotion" nights well. The rolling under the table, laughing, tooting (I was never allowed to use the other word when I was a kid but I failed to uphold it as a parent) and utter disintegration of anything "meaningful". Looking back?.... nothing better but, at the time, a wee bit frustrating as a parent. I'm proud of you guys. Sweet, sweet family!! Thanks for your utter honesty! Pam


  • Karen

    03 January 2018 at 14:41 | #

    I love this! We have a family meeting planned for Sunday afternoon and your questions are a great start. I'm curious too, how it will go. :)


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