Free Fall For Africa

By Cathleen Loge

free fall for africa teaserYou know the saying, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”? Well one of our Senior members is about to take a small step that could lead to a giant leap forward for kids in Tanzania. On July 8, Anne Foster is planning a daring skydiving jump with her daughter and granddaughter to raise funds to equip a Secondary School that has recently been built through fundraising efforts here in the Okanagan Valley.  

The Living Waters Secondary School, Tanzania, will educate up to 500 students per year – students who ordinarily could not afford to attend any high school and would likely never do so (only 5% of kids ever do). The school is an addition to a Christian ministry called Living Waters that has an Elementary school and orphan homes that disciple and train young people to walk with Jesus and succeed in life. The Secondary school will open in January 2018 and the funds Anne raises will go toward desks, chalkboards, science equipment etc.  

But that’s not all! Our intrepid Pastor Del Reimer will be keeping Anne company on the way back to earth as he joins in the jump! Pastor Del and Anne are raising funds for every second of freefall they experience, so the longer they fall the more they raise! If you think they are just a little bit crazy – sponsor them. If you think they are brave – sponsor them!  They’re going to do it either way, so you may as well get on board…

The jump is open to everyone who would like to participate. Why not put together a SBC team of jumpers? If you would like to join them as they jump or would like more information, CLICK HERE. Or click on their name to sponsor ANNE or DEL.

In conjunction with Hope for the Nations, all donations are tax deductible. 

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