Friday Morning Tea

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It is a privilege to share with others the blessings we experience from God.  There are so many people who enjoy getting together with others but often don’t have the opportunity to do this.  Over the summer, our Seniors have had the opportunity to get together for tea, coffee and fellowship at Jack and Pam Borchert’s home. This Friday is our last scheduled Friday Morning Tea and we hope you will join us. It has been a blessing to have a wide age range of individuals join with us!

Here are some comments from a couple people who have attended:

 On July 19, some seniors enjoyed a morning of coffee/tea/goodies in Jack and Pam's new home. The weather was perfect for an outdoor gathering by the pool -not too hot, not too cool and a good time of visiting and catching up with some we haven't seen for awhile.  

It is encouraging to see how God has turned a disaster into a blessing for the Borchert family and for those of all ages who will be blessed by their hospitality.

Look for another Seniors drop in tea and coffee later this summer when they plan to do this again. Thank you for a lovely morning. 
Joyce Weirsma

It was a lovely, sunny morning as Bill and and I drove out to Trout Creek, looking forward to seeing the Borchert's home restored after the fire a year ago Christmas. Pam, gracious as ever, met us at the door and led us into their kitchen toward the counter, on which sat numerous plates full of tempting goodies. With our plates full and a mug of coffee, Jack directed us out onto the patio. There we saw many of our Seniors gathered together in comfortable chairs around the pool, chatting with one another and enjoying the beautiful scene.  

There was a goodly number, both men and women, and younger Seniors as well. We also met and welcomed a couple who, while visiting their son in Summerland, wanted to find a church to visit. They told us they'd "checked the website where they found SBC with many recommendations." It caught their interest, and then they read about Pam and Jack's invitation to the Seniors for that morning. They went to the church, where they were given directions to the Borchert's home.  Those sitting near this couple enjoyed conversing with them, making our visitors feel welcomed.  

However, all good things come to an end and we bade our farewell. Graciously the Borcherts have extended their invitation for one more Friday morning, so that those who couldn't make the first ones still have an opportunity to gather together in a beautiful setting, enjoying the company of other Seniors. Our deep appreciation to Jack and Pam for showing their love of Seniors in this way.
Maureen Wills

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