God's Amazing Creations

By Wendy Nixon

Well another year is coming to an end at Playschool. As I gather pictures for scrapbooks I notice how much these precious ones have grown since October.

Gods creations 3

Gods creations 4

We saw and learned about lots of God's amazing creatures this Spring. The kids snuggled bunnies and chick and puppies. Thank you Jana and the Duncans! We also learned about the giraffe's loooong tongues, the hippo's wide mouths and the gorilla's huge hands.

Gods creations 5


puppies 2

Gods creations 6 edited

My personal favorite is butterflies and metamorphosis. The kids are fascinated by this. I do a small demonstration of a caterpillare turning into a butterfly and they can hardly believe their eyes.

Well, I can hardly believe my eyes now to see how these kids have turned into beautiful butterflies, ready to fly towards kindergarten.

Gods creations 1

Gods creations 2

Gods creations 7

Gods creations 8

Gods creations 9

Gods creations 10

A fuzzy caterpillar wigges down a tree. He wiggled long, he wiggled short, he wiggled right at me. 
I put him in a little box, don't go awary I cried. But when I opened up the box, I saw a butterfly.
I couldn never make one, no matter how I tried
Cause only God in heaven, can make a butterfly.

Sincere thanks to all involved in Playschool 2019.

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