Good Thing Maker

By Wendy Nixon

June 13 was the Summerland Playschool’s graduation celebration.

As we started making the playschooler’s scrapbooks a couple of weeks ago, (note to self to start them much earlier next year), I realized how much these precious playschoolers have grown.

They have grown not only in height but also in confidence. They have learned a plethora of skills, from holding a pencil to opening their tupperware, juice box or cheese string at snack time. “Look Mrs. N, I opened my fruit cup without spilling!”

They learned how to hold scissors and print their name, how to be a leader and wait for a turn, share a toy, be a good friend and ride the scooter in the gym. Most of all they learned God loves them all the time , no matter what!

They sang one of their favorite songs on graduation day. The song is about God and how he is the “Good thing maker.” As I watched those 15 bright, beautiful faces sing the song, the words rang so true. “He makes very good things.”

I am so grateful for those 15 “very good things” in playschool class this year.

Have a great summer. I hope it is full of God’s “very good things!”

IMG 1778

IMG 1777

IMG 1784

IMG 1799

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IMG 1808

IMG 1809

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  • Dianne Holland

    21 June 2018 at 13:53 | #

    Great Job Wendy Nixon and team! What you do with these kiddies today is important in helping set the tone for them (and us!) tomorrow. Keep up the good work!


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