Grad 2017

By Katie Grant


Congratulations to all our SBC Grads of 2017! It was a beautiful grad weekend and us at SBC are so proud of the graduates. Cory opened the ceremony with the invocation, and he did a great job! As well, a big congratulations to Jensen, as she was awarded the Summerland Baptist Church Bursary.


The grads were asked what some of their highlights over the years have been.. here are their responses:

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Cory Berekoff

"My most memorable part of high school was the two trips to Mexico to serve the Lord, help the community of San Quintin and the two summer all nighters in the church.

My favourite memory of SBC youth was Grinch Night in Middle School. This fall I am going to UBCO for my bachelor of science.

Thank you to the church family for always supporting me and to Lee and Mikel for being great youth pastors."


Rachel Bonnano

"My most memorable part of high school was the grade 9 band trip. My favourite memory at SBC is being able to hang out with friends and worshiping God together. My plans now that I am done high school is becoming a comic book artist so I can share my stories with the world."

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Danny Grant

"My favourite memory of youth is the SERVE and Mexico mission trips. I would like to thank Lee for dealing."


Janae Hoel

"My most memorable part of high school was definitely the Europe trip I was blessed to be able to take with my Comparative Civilizations 12 course this last semester. As an online student I typically don't know most of my classmates, but this 12 day trip, in which we explored Greece, Italy, France, and Belgium primarily, brought a group of 22 of us together super close. The coolest aspect was the connection that occurred on the basis of our faith and how we really built into each other more than the actual places we visited.

My favourite memory of SBC youth was definitely the Serve missions trip last summer... the group experience and absolute joy everyone contributed to throughout the work we did was amazing. Will never forget that week!

I am taking the year off to stick around here, work, and train for my sports, and then am planning to go to UBCO the following year, or wherever else God leads me.

This church has been amazing. Since I truly got involved two years ago into both youth and other aspects of the church and surrounding community, I have felt so blessed to be a part of it and have gained mentors and friends I could have never asked for. God is good!"


Jensen Kentel

"My favourite memory was sitting at our hotel in Mexico on our second trip to San Quintin singing together. I'd like to apologize to future youth for breaking everything and forcing them to make rules because I couldn't stop hurting myself on the stairs."

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Delaney Mckelvey

"I'm so blessed to have grown up in such a supportive and loving church. The way our church body supports and prays for each other is so incredible! It's very hard to choose my favourite memory but I agree with Jensen that singing at our hotel the last night in Mexico all together was so great, and also being in the choir for the Miracle on Main Street play was a blast! I'm going to Summit Pacific Bible College in Abbotsford next year to do the OMEGA Global Program, and I'm super excited for what God has in store for me there."


Aliya Van Bergeyk

"My favourite memory at SBC is more of a collection of moments rather than one singular one. I thank God for the countless memories and lifelong connections I've experienced these last four years! Next year, I am attending UBCO to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree."

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  • Larry Schram

    24 July 2017 at 20:23 | #

    Everyone of you are amazing and I am very excited to see where God will take you!


  • Dianne Holland

    24 July 2017 at 12:02 | #

    Wow!! We are unbelievably blessed to have such amazing, positive, forthright teens as part of SBC! Thanks, guys, for all YOU contribute to SBC - especially for the younger folk who will follow in your footsteps . . .


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