His Hands and Feet

By Pastor Mikel

During the week of March 23-30, a group of 17 youth and 6 leaders from SBC will be heading to San Quintin, Mexico to build a house for a family of 6. The father’s name is Jose, and the mother’s name is Ines and their five children are Jose (19), Yosmiar (17), Luis (14), Misael (13), Belen (1 month). They currently live in a 12’x 8’ shack with a dirt floor and have no electricity, water or heat. To give you a better picture of the current situation this family faces I suggest you go to the blog post of a mission couple that is currently working with the family. Here is part of what the missionary couple writes about the family we are going to help:

In the year of 2013, in the month of Dec, in a little town in Mexico, a woman living in an 8 by 12 shack made of pieces of wood and plastic, is awaiting the birth of her little baby. It will be number 5. In this shack she lives with her husband, and four children. In this tiny shack they sleep on narrow, 2 foot wide bunks, stacked three high, a mattress on the floor, which they put outside in the daytime so they can walk in the house, and one hammock strung from the ceiling. They sleep in as much clothing as they can layer, in an attempt to keep out the cold. Here they also take their humble meals sitting on overturned plastic buckets, and store all their very few, but precious possessions. She does her laundry outside on a slab of concrete, and hangs their clothes to dry on a line. She cooks their meals of beans, rice and tortillas outside on an open fire.

Mexico post 2

As the days go by, she begins to have trouble with her pregnancy and is rushed to Ensenada for an emergency caesarean section on Christmas Eve. Her baby is one month premature, but such a precious little girl, and so very wanted and loved. The family is Christian, and can’t help but think of the birth of their precious Savior, celebrated on this very night as well. They decide to name the child Belen, which is Spanish for Bethlehem. Three days later mom and baby are sent back to their tiny, and, oh so cold home in the little town in Mexico.

Mexico post 1

This is the story of one of the families we had the privilege of meeting this week. We have seen many heart wrenching situations in our nine years in Mexico, but we were once again brought to tears. We feel so privileged and humbled, to be here. As we share” hope” with families in need, we are encouraged by their faith in the most difficult circumstances.

Please be in prayer for baby Belen and her family, and for us, as we try to be “His Hands and Feet” here in Mexico.

As I viewed the profile of this family, I sensed God’s pleasure in what we are about to do for them as God uses us to answer their prayers. Please keep our team in your prayers as we get ready be the hands and feet of Christ to this family. We are also still fundraising and would appreciate any financial donations that God is placing in your heart to make.

For more information about the Youth trip to Mexico, please click here.


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