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A Message from the Planning Team

IF message from planning team

Through many conversations over the last months, our team has decided to take a temporary break from IF:South Okanagan. For many in our team, we are entering into a time of transition that requires more of our attention and time and so we feel like, for the health of our families, it would be prudent for us to put IF: South Okanagan on hold.
In addition, we believe that our church family, specifically, is pulling on our hearts. Our church is in a time of transition and we feel like we want to free up the resources (time and financial) of our loving church family to better live out God’s calling at SBC over the next season.
This does not mean that we will not be associated with IF:Gathering at all. We hope to communicate to past attendees in order to help equip other groups and churches to host their own events in their places. We just won’t be planning a large event this year. We intend to watch in our PJs in the comfort of our own home!
Over and over again, we have reflected on the abundance of support we have received for this ministry. This journey has been so rich for us as a team and so many of those riches pour out of the people of Summerland Baptist, as well as the women that have partnered with us throughout the last three years. Thank you for walking with us. We are thankful.

If you are interested in participating in IF:Gathering 2018, you have a couple of options. 

1. Attending an IF:Local Event
- IF:South Okanagan is only one of the events that is held in BC. You might take this opportunity to attend an event in another town. You can search for other IF:Local events through the IF:Local website.

2. Watching the Livestream
- On the weekend of February 9-10, you can gather in your own space and just watch the livestream. It can be that simple! Sign up for the link via the IF:Gathering website and they will send you the information you need to watch all of the speakers.

3. Hosting your Own
If you are interested in hosting your own IF:Gathering event this year, big or small, we invite you to check out our how to steps on our Host Your Own page or visit www.ifgathering.com for more information.
We will also be checking our email on occasion and so please feel free to send along any questions. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.
Tianna, Carolyn, Vanessa, Kayt, Stephanie and Krista

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  • Del Riemer

    17 November 2017 at 08:49 | #

    Each woman on our incredible 'IF' team are amazing examples and partners in the 'Kingdom'. Your efforts which started this event in our area, are perpetuated by so many women that you have blessed. I have spoken to several pastors who note that their women continue to meet and benefit from the event you held. Your Kingdom impact will be felt for eternity and for each of you, I think you are making a wise decision in stepping back at this point in your busy lives. Never second guess God's leading... It is for your (and Kingdom) good. We (SBC) are so proud of you and thankful for the work of God in your hearts. You are loved!


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