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On August 9 & 10, SBC brought the Global Leadership Summit to our church family. In years past, we have always taken a small group to learn and be inspired by a variety of visionary leaders. We've always wished more could benefit from the amazing teaching. This year we took the opportunity to bring it to SBC, so that anyone in our church family who wished to could take part. There was so much to take in over those two days, but we asked a few people to weigh in with a few of their own personal take-aways...

» Thanks for bringing the GLS to the SBC family this past week. The GLS was AMAZING as always. What a treat to be exposed to the teaching of these visionary leaders. It has been two days of drinking from a fire hose. LOVED it. Hope we can do this again next year.   Ken Holland

» The past 2 days has inspired the parent, business owner, church leader, and dreamer God has created me to be. It has reminded me to have courage because He has made us for great things. Thanks SBC for the great opportunity to partake in the GLS.   Kayt Mahon

» As always, after the GLS, God reminds me of something that He wants me to address and implement in my own life. After dozens of quotes, nuggets and observations, the one that inspires me is: "Legacy" is a story about 'You' that is yet to be written... And 'You' hold the pen."   Pastor Del Riemer

» Back-to-back inspiring messages - what an impact! As Christians, the banter between Bishop T.D. Jakes and Strive Masiyiwa of Econet Group reminds us how to cope with work-place challenges and busyness. Jakes asks: "What are you takin' dude?". Masiyiwa replies: "Holy ghost, brother!". Thank-you for hosting!   Beth Haggerty

» WOW! What a mind-filling, mind-blowing two-day event. Thrilling to learn from master-minds in the areas of leadership and personal influence. Fall down - get up. Fail forward. Lead by example. Grow. Be vulnerable. "He didn't meet me in my faith, He met me in my faithfulness".   Dianne Holland

» Just a huge THANK YOU for having the Summit available at our church for such an amazing cost! I was inspired by the speakers and appreciated the snacks and the notebook that was included. A FEW truths and ideas I gleaned about leadership: (there were so many good nuggets!)

  • Be yourself as you lead
  • Profound humility and furious resolve are marks of a good leader
  • The best leaders will help others know they matter
  • Listen - Give people a voice and hear them
  • Connect with God – then connect with others. Lead from the inside out.
  • People become what they see - model what you mentor
  • Mistakes allow us teaching moments
  • Great leaders use their power to empower others
  • Get around great people that lift your sight and intentionally grow every day

With gratitude for the opportunity, Heather Greiner

» There was sooooo much to take in, truly like drinking from a fire hydrant!

  • Craig Groeschel: “A humble leader can learn from anyone”
  • “You don’t have to be in charge to lead”
  • Fear is something that can so easily take over my thinking and actions but many of the speakers stated that it takes courage to be a leader. There’s no room for fear!
  • It will always cost you more to do nothing than it will cost to make a mistake! Failure is simply a learning curve or tool. 

Brenda Conrad

» The GLS was so inspirational. I wish all my friends and family could have attended. I feel like anyone, anywhere would benefit from hearing the amazing speakers.  Wendy Nixon

»I was particularly struck by the inventor of the Earth Chime. He’d had an idea - how one might create a harp large enough to be strung across a chasm and still be played. Turning the idea into reality he named it the EARTH HARP. In awe I watched and listened as he played one he’d constructed from stage to balcony across the huge sanctuary of Willow Creek where the Summit took place. Standing on a table, wearing powdered gloves he reached up and played a beautiful hymn. These were my observations:

From among the many strings, he carefully chose the ones that produced the tones needed for that hymn, gently stroking them in order, but many strings were left untouched. Yet these were not wasted because a multitude of hymns wait to be played, and the strings needed for any of them are there, ready, waiting to do their part.

I thought of the area of leadership my husband and I have been involved in since moving to BC; Under Pastor Del, a very creative thinker, constantly coming up with ideas and putting them to work. Bill and I are only two of a number of Seniors on the Beacon Initiatives Steering Team but Del knows each of our individual strengths and weaknesses. In a sense he elevates us, bringing us alongside to do our jobs. Sometimes his ideas need all of us to execute, and we use the gifts, the “sounds” we each make best, sounds, that when combined bless those they were meant for, sounds that our Creator gave us. It takes all of us, using our specific gifts in measure to bring to fruition the ideas God has given our Leader. You might say, ‘making beautiful music together’! 

Maureen F. Wills

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