It's All About Relationships

By Pastor Jack Borchert

small groups

It’s all about relationships. REACHING, RESTORING, DEEPENING together as a church family and there is no better way than through small group experiences. Let’s face it… Sunday morning is BUSY and it’s not always easy to squeeze in a personal conversation or discussion in the midst of noise, a crowded foyer, kids bouncing off of walls and time constraints.

Are you in a small group? Have you considered joining a small group? What is a “small group”? Presently, there are well over 130 folks (probably closer to 200 folks) in regular or at least bi-weekly small group experiences. This includes home groups, groups of men praying together on a Monday night or at A & W on a Tuesday morning. There are Seniors in our Church Family who meet at the church with their “Eyes on Truth”. There is a small group of married couples who meet weekly for soup, buns and dessert and then talk about marriage; another group discussing Sunday morning sermons. Presently, a large group of women and men from our church family and our community meet together on Friday mornings to talk about parenting. A group of individuals meet on Sunday morning during the second service to watch a video series called “Starting Point”. There are others who meet a bit more organically and don’t get “counted” in the regular listing. This is great and a testimony to the importance our Church Family places on relationships and meeting together for support, Bible study, prayer, encouragement and fun!

right now media teaserHow about you? Sometimes, we think… “I can’t facilitate a small group! I am not a Bible Scholar” or “I don’t know what to study”. If you don’t know or haven’t tried it out, our church family provides a great resource for facilitating small groups or just watching at home. RIGHT NOW MEDIA is an amazing resource that provides downloadable material for small groups, family, studies and many other options. All you need to do is CLICK HERE to go to our website and submit your name and email address. Once this is done, our office will receive notification of your request and you will be sent an email from Right Now Media. You create a password and you are ready to download a wide variety of material. Just push “Press and Play” and there it is! If you have difficulty setting this up in your home, give me a call and we will arrange to come over and set it up for you.

If you are not inclined to use technology, we also have a library with excellent material that is watched over by Adele Meadow and is available to everyone. Everyone can get a library card and make use of the amazing resources that you can check out.

Let’s continue to enhance and enrich our “small group” experiences. This may mean expanding the number of groups we have meeting. Many groups are made up of several capable leaders who could start other groups themselves. We have a number of individuals who are looking to join a group. Some of those people are new to our church family and don’t know where to plug in. How can we help them? Can you invite them to attend your group?

Participating in a small group, life group or Bible study is a way that we can be involved with one another, get to know one another, support one another and continue to FOLLOW JESUS TOGETHER.

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